Airbrush for cleaning coils

hello everyone :slight_smile:

heard that some comrades use airbrush to clean their coils.

please share your experience. share photos of airbrushes and liks where to buy it!


I use a little wire brush, I dry burn it, brush it then use some canned air to blow it down after :+1: works for me


Hey :slight_smile:

can you take of photo of that brush?

I’m actually at work now but the set of brushes I have are similar to these…



That is basically what I use as well . I buy Tig welding brushes , you can get them in a variety of metals.I run thicker ga wire (22) so the Stainless Steel brushes work good for me.I am sure that you would have to be very gentle using it on thinner wire coils.

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thanks guys!!!

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quite welcome :+1:

These are what I use for brushes [right, like nobody guessed that]
The bristles are tighter than a scratch [Tig] brush and don’t fall out, plus they are smaller.
I have them from .17cal and up…bronze, nylon, and stainless steel.
I use a bulb air blower [like for cameras] to blow out the ash.


like them brushes :+1:

You can buy them individually…


The secret to using an airbrush is the compressor behind. Filled with alcohol or such would result in a mini pressure washer. Problem is those “comrades” likely already had on-hand as you can easily drop $50-$200 on an airbrush setup. You can google “airbrush compressor” and see plenty. I’m looking for a used one because I go through too many cans of “Duster” (canned air for cleaning PCs) and I need something to clean old Vintage finds …an airbrush would be prefect, but $100 buys alotta spools of fresh clean wire. Thanks for the idea! …it gives me another reason to find one.

Meanwhile… this could work. Important aspects of this deal is an included hose and water trap (compressors condense moisture), so you don’t have to buy additionally …now the cheapest airbrush or just a plain mini-nozzle would work


If you [anyone] do use an air brush compressor to clean your coils, I suggest you get a straight air hose, not coiled, unless you keep the compressor by/near your feet [remember they make noise also]

And I highly suggest you DO NOT use a regular air blow gun [made for big air compressors]. You can’t control the air flow very well, some not at all. I suggest you use a pen style/pocket air blower, and you can turn it on/off and adjust it with a simple twist.
I shall go find a link…
Here, like this:


Gracias @ozo I need one of those ?$2? even better

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Tractor Supply, Ace hardware, Harbor Freight, Sears, walmart,Amazon, etc all have them.
Not real good for high pressure [works though], but for air brush compressors they are great.

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let’s buy a drilling equipment to clean our coils!!! :joy: :joy: :joy:

i’ll experiment with simpler stuff for now LOL

bought those: