Alchohol infusions

I have seen limited discussion regarding Alchohol use in flavorings. I think theres actually a box for it on the recipe creation calculator.
Let me get to my point.
Im thinking about soaking juniper berries and other odd ingredients in Alchohol then filtering, and adding to vg.
Anyone play around with that, or have links or suggestions for it?


You would have to be aware that you may get sugars and other unknown compounds in the resulting extraction that may or may not be ideal to vape. You could of course use a gin flavour like flv Juniper Gin if that is what you are shooting for.


Not much info other then net extractions here but methods are similar. Perhaps google searches will get u started but as @woftam mentioned u have to becareful. What is edible may be unsafe to vape. Gl to u!


Laboratory Technicians:

While most e-liquids contain a ‘base mixture’ of glycerol and propylene glycol to which nicotine and various flavoring ingredients are added, ethanol (ethyl alcohol) is also a variable but frequent ingredient due to its ubiquity and utility as a solvent for e-liquid additives (Cai and Kendall, 2009; Ellicott, 2009; Herrington and Myers, 2015; Tygat 2007; Valance and Ellicott, 2008). For example, in a recent chemical analysis or 42 commercial e-liquids, 30 contained ethyl alcohol (Varlet et al., 2015) and in a separate analysis of four leading brand first generation e-cigarettes, ethyl alcohol was found in all four although it was absent from their ingredient lists (Herrington et al., 2015). Importantly, alcohol was also found in the aerosols produced from these four e-cigarettes and an earlier analysis identified alcohol in an e-cigarette ‘mist’ (Laugesen, 2008).

Source (2017):


Moral Nannies:

Overall, the immediate safety concerns for inhaled alcohol may be relatively minor. However, there may be specific contexts of use that are more likely to result in acute behavioral effects such as while using high-powered electronic cigarette designs in combination with high-alcohol-content e-liquids. The psychomotor impact of repeated intentional inhalation of alcohol vapor has not been comprehensively studied in a controlled laboratory setting. … Exposure to subthreshold doses of inhaled alcohol may also maintain or facilitate development of addiction to other substances, most notably nicotine. The frequent covariation of alcohol use and cigarette smoking is well documented with about 20% of those dependent on tobacco also dependent on alcohol, and with half of those who are alcohol dependent also being dependent on nicotine (Falk et al., 2006; Grant et al., 2004). Use of alcohol and nicotine together may lead to a greater reinforcement than either substance alone. Indeed, co-administration of subthreshold doses of nicotine and alcohol induces dopamine release in the nucleus accumbens, a region implicated in the reinforcing effects of drugs of abuse (Tizabi et al., 2007). In human laboratory studies, acute alcohol administration increases urges to smoke, smoking behavior, and satisfaction from smoking in both heavy and light smokers (Kahler et al., 2014; King et al., 2009; McKee et al., 2006; Sayette et al., 2005). … studies across varying levels of analysis indicate that the development of nicotine addiction may be facilitated by the use of combustible tobacco products or e-cigarettes that also contain alcohol.

Source (2018):


@Raven-Knightly definitely, now that you posted that studio made me think about it and truly noticed that years ago, (I used a lot of INWs) leaving the bottle open for the night was quite usual.
Today, it’s not that noticeable, probably because of FAA and air companies rules about transport, probably because quite a few mixers years back complained about it, manufacturers became more aware about it and so they use a lot less Ethyl alcohol than before.


I believe I’ll back away slowly from this idea.
Sometimes I get bored at work and my mind wanders off into areas where it ought not.
We made a cream sauce with sweet potato and thyme and juniper berries with lemon peel and it was tremendous. Why in the hell I’d want to start inhaling Alchohol with juniper berries infused in it, when I have over 120 reputable vape flavorings I haven’t hardly used yet, is one on a long list of things that make me think “what the hell is wrong with me?”.
Not really I’ll be okay.


Oh, and thank you everyone for your very informative responses.


Complex to figure out about commercial air shipment cargo contents, but it’s interesting how the FAA (dunno about airport security on the ground when one flies) views personal travel with vaping gear (mostly sounds lenient with carry-on but no checked baggage, with the following perhaps somewhat humorous exception):

Homemade “modified” battery packs - whether installed in a device or carried as a spare - are forbidden on aircraft.


Of course… you are going to be fine… slowly step back and find the coffee :wink:


We went to Puerto Rico a month ago, I was really worried because I don’t do fancy labels on my juice, just a piece of masking tape. I went through tsa in a couple different states and in San Juan, nobody gave my stuff a second look and I was packed for 10 days away lol.


I honestly believe that TSA is a ruse. But that’s a different thread.

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