Alfaliquid - New to U.S

So, Alfaliquid is pretty popular in Europe, and just launched in the U.S. recently. I received their entire U.S. lineup Saturday, and made a quick First Impression video, if anyone is curious about them. Check that out here:

The parent company, Gaiatrend, is French, and all the launched flavors are made in France. You can read more about their fancy lab equipment here: but here are some quick notes:

All the flavors (9 so far) are available in several Nic strengths
All the flavors are 50/50 VG/PG

Since I’ve made that video, I’ve spent some more time with the liquid, and would add the following:
Not really suited for sub-ohm vaping. I think the little clearomizers are still popular in Europe, and this juice seems more suited to that. I ran a few flavors through my dripper at .35Ω/55-65W. Very intense flavor, and the Alpine Menthe practically blew my ears off. I did re-coil my ZephyrusV2 RTA with some 26g wire so I could check out some flavors at lower power. With the Zeph at .39Ω/40W, the flavor was still there, and easy vapor production (just not super dense). I did get some flooding through the airflow holes only right after filling, due to the thinner juice. I tried mixing some straight VG with it in a bottle (2:1 Alfa:VG), and no flooding today. Flavor is still there, too.

Final thoughts - 3 of the flavors are tobacco (Classic Leaf, Noble Leaf, Winter Leaf). I have never vaped tobacco flavors, because when I started vaping it was to be a clean break from tobacco. I wasn’t going to taste these, but curiosity got the better of me, and I tried the Noble Leaf. Definitely not for me, so I can’t give it a fair review.


The apple sounds nice… Great little review brother. :yum:
Give the first thumbs up. :+1:

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Nice video and keepin-it-real text review here …appreciated