Alice in Vapeland

haha its on my next purchase list. lol. I’ve tried their black cherry and it was horrible… along with every other cherry flavor out there that taste like cough medicine. I got my AIV extracts and they smell awesome. Mixed up a couple batches of each at the recommended percentages. Will let ya know what this cherry is like.


Please do I’ve been on a cherry quest also so for the best one I’ve found was cherry extract from tfa.

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So… I finally tried the Fresh Cherry (Alice in Vapeland) and it does not have a cough drop/Dimetapp flavor at all. Very light mixing it @ 5% so I bumped it to 8% and it is really sweet. Nice cherry flavor. Not an overly sour cherry like a Bing cherry. But like a dark Washington cherry. If you have ever had Bryer’s Cherry Vanilla ice cream… it taste like that cherry. That’s probably the best way I could describe it.


Gonna have to get it!

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You should try their sweet cake extract flavor. Excellent. So is the marshmallow and the butter cake

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After around 3 weeks or so of ageing here are my results.

Both were 2.5% flavor, (Near the high side of the suggested range amounts) 50/50 17% VT. Due to the flavor’s alcohol content, I shook them well and uncapped them for an hour (twice)

Sweet Cake
If you are seeking a cake flavor for your mixes, I’m sorry to say that IMO you will have to keep on looking. After 4 days of ageing I got no cake flavor at all. Waiting another 3 weeks did not change things. What I did get was a strange vanilla flavor unlike any of the 4-5 other vanillas I’ve tried from different companies. I keep trying to find the correct flavor descriptor for this vanilla sensation and the best I can come up with is “stale”.

Fresh Ginger
After the first 4 days I did not get much from this one but with more time the Fresh ginger flavor became apparent. This one actually tastes like a very good fresh ginger! The freshness really pops with not heat sometimes found in real ginger. Although a bit lighter and with more “freshness” sensation, it does remind me somewhat of the ginger/lemongrass notes I found in Flavorah Chai Tea. While perhaps not suitable for bakery vapes, I can see this going together well in some fruit or beverage mixes.

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