Alien 220 or G-priv 220

Hey guys and gals I have a question I wanted to ask my ELR family. So I just recently purchased the smok alien 220. Used it mostly with my troll dripper a couple times a day sometimes not even at all. My all day set up has been my sigelei fuchai 213 with a Griffin 25 on it… Any way I decided the other day to give the alien some more vape time so pulled off the dripper and put the Griffin on it… Got the ohm too high message… Backed it off a quarter of a turn then it asked if it was a new coil… Worked fine after that for my drive to work. So lunch time roles around and I pull it out to get a vape… Same message about ohms… Tried to unscrew it a bit… Still the same… Tried a different tank… Same message fired it with no tank… Same ohm message and it should have said no coil… Submitted a RMA to vape nw where I got it from ( only had it about 5 weeks) and they approved and its in the mail back to them… So my question is should I give the alien another try or maybe go with the g-priv? I was thinking of getting the baby beast too but only if I can get the rebuild section because I refuse to pay the prices for pre made coils lol… What does my ELR fam think?

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I have both and I can give you some pros and cons

Alien pros

  1. Fits in my hand nicely
  2. Not as heavy


  1. Screen is small for my tired old eyes.
  2. Paint job is crap will scratch if you look at it wrong
  3. Menu is slow to navigate

G-priv pros

  1. Awesome to navigate and change the settings
  2. Single button to lock settings (and turn off screen if you want)


  1. Is quite a heavy mod not pocket freindly
  2. Big screen while easy to read is a fingerprint magnet

Hope that helps you out some and I am sure others will add to my lists

It al depends on your needs if it is going to be a desk jockey or portable. If you want portable I would choose the Alien.



Yes the paint job sucked lol… I was just a little disappointed that I got that error and had not used it very much so that kind of put me off and was just trying to see if others think it’s worth a second shot or try the g priv

I haven’t had any issues so far with the Alien and it’s getting daily use. Did you do the software update? Don’t know if that would’ve helped any? Personally I love the Alien and will likely get another. I looked at the G-priv but figured it would be too chunky for my lil hands :blush:

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I updated the alien right out the box and haven’t had any problems.

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i have two aliens and have had no problems each one has over 2000 puffs on them and theybare not my only vapes i use i like them but im not a techy type person and dont travel with them enough to care about the paint issues

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I upgraded it after I started having the ohm too high issue… Lol too little to late… It just bummed me out I only had it for like 5 weeks and boom now it’s not working

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Normally I would totally agree with this, but now having a baby beast and big baby, both, I can tell you their rba is garbage for those. Press fit together posts that pop loose after only a couple uses… I much much much prefer their 0.2 coils over their garbage rba. Went thru 2 in a week and never did get it to fire right for more than a few minutes before reading 0.00 ohm. I am not new to building coils or using rba decks, this particular one is just cheaply made and does not last. Just my 2 cents on that after having mine a couple weeks now.

thanks for that! maybe I will just stick with my Griffin for now… so sorry for your trouble with the TFV8

Any one else want to weigh in on this? Seems most are leaning toward the alien lol

I had my Alien for a week before it died. Mine was the “Ohms Too Low” message I’ve been trying to get it returned but I bought it direct from Smok at the ECC Expo in SoCal. I bought it with cash in their booth at the show and didnt get a receipt. At the time I didnt think about it being an issue. I regret that now. Hopefully they will help me out. Problem is it takes them 4-5 days to respond to an email so the back and forth has taken weeks already.

I managed to go through most of 2016 without talking much about SMOK mods. My experience with the xCube II was enough to make me look at pretty much every other mod but SMOK. Still, most folks I’ve talked to really like the Alien. And let’s be honest - it is a sexy mod. But is it looks or performance that matters most?

Ok, before I take the convo off the rails entirely, the point I wanted to make is if you have the freedom under the RMA to choose another mod, I would urge you to consider another brand than SMOK. Not trying to start anything here, just saying what I really believe which is SMOK has a history of making very buggy mods. Best O’ luck.

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My sigelei has been a good work horse for me. I also have a ijoy rdta box mod on the way by slow boat lol… The problem is that vape nw doesn’t seem to have that big of a selection of mods that interest me… Suggestions are welcomed :slight_smile: I prefer dual batt mods just for the extra battery life even if I’m not over50 watts at the t time

Very affordable DNA

Similar price to the G-Priv ($5 difference) and 100x the mod.

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Good suggestion thanks… Does the DNA200 support SS?

Absolutely. Now get this. I have some serious interest in the Hohm Wrecker G2 and in fact bought one. But it bricked on update and I have it in warranty process now. Never even fired it up, can you believe that? Anyway, according to what I’ve read and some firsthand accounts here from @ozo , @Rob62 and @DrChud, this may be the mod that beats the DNA. However, the DNA200 has been an awesome device for me for over a year. Its TC functions better than any other TC mod I’ve used. There is a bit of learning curve using Evolv’s Escribe software for setting it up, but I think they’re coming pre-programmed for Kanthal, Nickel, Titanium, 316 and 316L SS nowadays. So while I’m certainly thinking the Hohm Wrecker may unseat the DNA, for me the DNA has been the Cadillac mod for a good while and yes, I highly recommend it. Ain’t that right @Pro_Vapes?:slight_smile:


I really like the Alien. I’ve got multiple DNA devices as well and they are great devices, but the Alien is no slouch. If you do go the DNA route understand you’ll need a windows computer and to spend some real time in eScribe to get the best experience from it. As an all around good, no fuss, no muss, easy setup and use device I’d take the Alien all day. It’s my daily driver mod and my DNA devices stay at home for around the house and flavor testing.


Blasphemy!!! :laughing:

Also Benny, you’re failing to mention that set up of a DNA (maybe a bit antiquated now) is a one time thing. It’s not like you need to connect to a computer all the time. In fact my last DNA mod I spent maybe 10 minutes setting it up. It’s not a hassle at all.


I’d rather break or lose a $60 setup than a $150 setup anyday! That’s just common sense. :wink:

It’s $80 on Vape NW. Back to you :thumbsup:

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