Alien 220 Wake Up Call

My Alien 220 Kit came in the mail Saturday and started vaping the remainder of my Gremlin Juice . ( I’m still waiting on my DIY supplies to arrive) Very tasty cherry vanilla. I have a couple different flavors left which should get me by till a few of my new concoctions steep or maybe come up with a vape ready flavor.
Anyway… I set my mod up and eased it in @ 50 W. After the first day my Puffs read in at over 400. Is that good, bad, average or do I have a problem? LMAO! Anyone one else know their average number hits for a day? Just curious. :alien:

hmn, i’m using different mods and they don’t all have daily counters so it’s hard to say… but i think 400 is quite a bit
It’s not just the amount of puffs that count, also the length of a puff, what build you have, how much nic you use, etc, etc. 400 (even at 50W) to me is just a number with a lot of missing details.

And I really wouldn’t know if “good” or “bad” are appropriate descriptions for your amount of puffs. I’d rather say any amount is “bad” if you’re really looking for a word. It’s not for no reason that this stuff is 18+.

I had and it still works an Evic the original tube type which was one of the first puff counting devices
Same for me no crap scared me to look at how much I puffed that thing hit 1100 puffs a day turned it off on device
I used to smoke 2 packs of cigs a day so what the heck
I am still a heavy vaper but oh well


Sometimes I have that many in a day, sometimes not. When I first got my my Alien, I noticed that I “double tripped it” a lot. That is I wasn’t used to the squeeze and I would fire it twice in a puff.


I had this discussion back when I got my first mod that had a puff counter. Mine was around 800 to 900 a day. Most of us vape more frequently than we smoked. I was actually a 2 to 3 pack a day smoker so these numbers do not surprise me.

If you do the math using 15 to 20 puffs per cigarette x the number of cigs per day I think you will get a good idea of what the comparison is. In my case 60 cigs a day x15 puffs is equal to 900 puffs in a day.


I usually vape a 3mg level nicotine and the Alien tells me my average draw length is 1.5 seconds. As for me using the terms good or bad…was a bit tongue in cheek. Are you saying you think vaping is bad for us Jake???

[quote=“Machinist2, post:4, topic:121817”]
Same for me no crap scared me to look at how much I puffed that thing hit 1100 puffs a day turned it off on device
[/quote]Ha I may turn my counter off as well. It just surprised me to see the numbers. Seeing your # makes me feel not “so scared.” xD
Cudos on giving up the 2 packs a day. I was hooked on little cherry cigars. I didn’t smoke them long. Maybe 2 years. It started out a pack would last me a few days then I was up to over a pack a day. I put then down first day I got my vape. I bought an IPV MINI 2 with an Aspire Atlantis 2 tank. Herakles tank too. The Alien is my second setup. I’m wanting to get a RDA sometime in the near future. :sunglasses:

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Thx Santa, that formula puts it in perspective for me. Thanks for sharing that. :grin:

I did trip it a few times when I was setting it up but set it back to zero. Double tripping… maybe. I’ll try not to do that. :grinning:
Sorry peeps about the double posts. Still learning. Tnx for your responses.


I’m saying that it’s a hell of a lot better than smoking for sure, but nothing beats clean air


Even with 400 puffs that makes you a moderate vaper I would say. My mod frequently cuts out because I’ve reached the 10 second limit. I might not get to 400 puffs but the length of my draw makes up for that :grin:


That’s a helluva hit :grinning:


Jeez gal, you should rethink your occupation - what about mussel diver?


So? If you’re a guy and you trip the 10 second limit …does that make you a pearl diver?


I think you would be attractive for the petroleum industry diving the North Sea. Or you could dive for other kinds of mussels :wink: :grin:


No that would just make you very popular with da ladies!!! Grab a snorkel and dive in.

Or just drink and play cards in different locations.

Liquor in the front and poker in the rear.


I know it is a “shocker” of a comment.:smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:


I agree puffs are a bit misleading and not very accurate… I tend to go by how much juice I vape in a day… I too have multiple mods that I use daily… I was a pack a day smoker for years but I can agree that I vape way more than I smoked… I love vaping and don’t feel bad about it all… On average I vape about 25 to 30 ml a day of juice… 3mg nic… When I’m at work and I need a quick nic fix I use a stealthy mouth to lung device with an unflavored 20mg nic mix to get my fix… I know I’m bad but beats having to have to drive off of the property to get my fix lol


Oh snap!! I guess my next question is how many of you can trip the ten second limit? LMAO