Alien 220 with cloud beast, instead of baby?

I recently purchased the Alien 220 and matched it with the cloud beast instead of the baby beast that it normally comes with. Is the Ok? I normally vape at 120watts using the tfv8 coil. I mean the Alien is rated up to 220watts so I shouldn’t have any problems should I?

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Batteries are key.

To maximize your chances of safety, just make sure you choose quality batteries (LG-HG2, Samsung 25r5, Sony VTC5 or better, etc), that are legit, from reputable sources (eg:, etc).

The rest is up to the quality of the mod, and it’s internal electronics.

Oh, and building coils within the capabilities (limitations) of the mod.


The Alien 220 watt will handle it nicely. Not to worry with stock T8 coils…


get 2x good batteries batteries with amp limit 20A or higher and you will be ok :slight_smile:
i would suggest 2x SAmsung INR 25R or LG HG2, or SONY VCT5 or SONY VCT6 (always 2 of the same) and will work great :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies. I’m using a pair of Samsung INR 25R. It’s going well. I chose the Alien because it’s more pocket friendly and I need the volume of the cloud beast to last me when I’m out for the day. Thanks everyone. :blush:

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You’re really pushing the batteries. Your mod will try to fire at 4.24 volts W=E2/R. This will create a draw for 28A I = E/R. You may not be able to actualize 120W with most batteries.

Oh. Should I get a higher rated mod and just put the baby beast back on my Alien then Walt?

I have lg hb6 pink batteries. The battery has less life but stays cool and runs higher wattages way smoother.

This might help…

As per @laura5 below, choose a good battery. Google Mooch Battery. Mooch is a battery reviewer/tester and very trusted in the vaping community. Because the batteries are in series in the Alien, both batteries will to be able to provide 28A continuous for you to realize the full 120W.

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Thank you :slight_smile: im just now realizing batteries are just as important for vaping. The researching is overwhelming and i appreciate the guidance

It’s a tough one to research. The information is scattered. I’m finding not many folks do the math to check their settings etc. Coupled with some of the crazy claims by battery manufacturers it can be downright dangerous. Some of the claims of mod manufacturers are pretty bold too. .15 ohm coils are becoming pretty mainstream and they are placing a heavy demand on batteries.

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I have the exact same setup. I switched from the baby beast to the cloud beast as well. Using the t8 octupple coil at 100 watts. Perfect for huge clouds and good flavor. Push above 110 and flavor starts falling off. The cloud beast is a good choice and I wouldn’t worry about any problems.

Thanks for all the help folks. I’m gunna get some Sony VTC4’s. I’ll put them in my vaporesso tarot pro running the cloud beast and see how it goes because it doesn’t seem to vape at 120watts even though it is set to that. Appreciate all the help and important info. Cheers :+1: