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Alien Chicken

For sure. I grew up on a farm and we had chickens too. i hated when it was my turn to go get dinner.

yep, and chickens are one of those animals for us.


I hated the pluckin’. Hard to get that smell out of your nose.


Lotsa current tears shed over modern Meat Processing techniques/practices. We may be learning that some of the US mass-production strategies for raising and butchering meats is a little too close epidemiologicaly-speaking. Animals and Processors. Have to keep one thing in mind …there’s a lot of hungry mouths to feed.

What?! Nobody mentioned the latest gel-filled super-sized pad at the bottom in the styro-pack tray? It’s been the same for decades …like a little thin panty liner with fiber-fill …now it’s like a XXL Depend made to hold a whole day and nights “water” with some space-age “gellulose”.

Meat prices are def up, and surely anything to stay afloat financially is being deployed, but is our behavior being covertly modeled …to eat less meat? I mean you bought that 1.25 lb hunk-o-ground to make your prescribed spaghetti sauce, but after tossing that pink diaper at the bottom and straining off the watery-fat post-browning …it’s looking a little light …are we being put on involuntary diets?

Hey? Same with my last purchase of Graham Crackers. I opened the box and the packs didn’t even fill the box (!?) …and the crackers themselves were smaller. Since I’ve been dunking them in the same coffee cup for years, clearly they are F’ing smaller. Anybody who’s old enough to have bought groceries in the late 70’s remembers “inflation” impacting food sizes …or (earlier) how candy bars permanently shrank after the Cuban Sugar Embargo (now you’re really old if you relate to that one!).

Feels like “deflation” …try to not raise prices, just give you a little less? …It’s a C.O.N.spiracy!


Smart man @BoDarc.


aha! good point.



I wish i could shoot juice like that