Alien smok 220w settings

What settings do you use to get the most cloud production with a V8 Baby T8 Coil?

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Hi @Jojogrl In your menu screen you will need to set your preset to “N” Normal Wattage these will allow you to achieve the highest production of vapor. Next you will need to toss the Baby Beast T8. Because it is a inferior product for what you wish to accomplish. I would recommend acquiring one of these three RTAs, then you will be able to truly Chuck Clouds and build Fogbanks in your car or home.
Ohmega BFT RTA
Modfather RTA
Ohmega Beast RTA

Hey @Jojogrl

TF-T8 is def my fav coil for the V8 baby. Except of course for the V8 baby RBA.

Although in answer to your question I go between 68-72 Watts sometimes on Normal sometimes Hard depending on Juice, mood & what time of day (that’s on an Alien) :alien:

Hope that helps :wink:

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