All flavors created equal?

Hi all!:slightly_smiling_face: I have around 60 flavors in my stash, and I’m about to mix for the very first time!
I’m having trouble getting started though, as i May have a certain flavor that a recipe calls for, but by a different manufacturer. Can I still use the one I have, in the same amount?


no… and for you being new. it will be a bit hard on you to gauge how strong vs the recipe…
Being you do not know the strengths, I suggest solo testing.

To read up on that… head over to my site… a few bits of good info there… :slight_smile:


Not really. You may get close to the original intent of the mixed but could also completely miss the mark. You cannot Necessarily Swap one for one in exact percentages.

But if you look at the flavor resources you can deduct what percentage to use based on the averages used in mixes.


I’ll add an “…and yes” to that. Yes you can use a different flavor, but note that it will result in a different flavor profile and thus a different recipe. @anon84779643 is correct in that you can’t add a different flavor to a recipe and have it remain the same, even if it is called the same flavor. But you can sub in what you have and maybe you’ll get a decent recipe out of it.

Heed the read advice. There’s much to know about the intricacies of DIY mixing and it won’t be long before you start to catch on to it.


Rule no.16 - the less you improvise, the better at this stage.

Try to find the recipes that use precisely your flavors if possible or those where you’re missing one flavor which you have of other brand (but that shouldn’t be a dominant flavor! + you’d want to check amounts used for both flavors and replace it accordingly or even better ask). Ofc it would be extremely beneficial if you do solo testing too (but i can imagine mixing something delicious is all you have in your head atm). You can always ask about particular switches / solutions here and others will help you finding the right percents/flavors. Happy mixing!


Thanks, I will. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks everyone! I have a lot to learn, I see. :slightly_smiling_face:
I just made 10 mls of “10 pm coffee”, I adapted the recipe to Max vg, and 0 nic…the only sub I made, was instead of the fresh cream (lb), I used cream(milky undertones).
It smells good, and the taste on wrist test was okay. I’m gonna let it steep a few days and see how it is👍
Thanks again!


@Lisa-Garland it’s actually VERY smart that you asked. IMO, one brand of (insert name here…) can be VERY different in flavor, and strength than other brands, so at least you KNOW that. One of the WORST mistakes made when starting out, is ASSUMING all brands (insert flavor name here …) ARE the same. Subbing flavors here and there, and getting much DIFFERENT results (often times bad) and getting frustrated at the results (assuming bad…).

At least you know going into it, that subbing flavors CAN work, but it can also NOT work very well, or at least as in regards to the profile of the recipe you’re mixing.

Regardless of what you DO mix, I highly recommend taking good NOTES, because once you start mixing a lot, it can be impossible to remember what happened where, what was subbed for what, and what you liked or DISLIKED about certain flavors or recipes.

Note taking sucks, BUT, if you get into that GOOD habbit early on, it CAN help save you a lot of time, and frustration.


To follow in line with what our SD is saying… here is yet another article you might want to read up on :slight_smile:


It’s ALSO good to STRESS the words you WANT to seem important, so there’s THAT too. :wink:


Emphasis for the WIN @anon70102222 !!!