All I want for Christmas!

I love this site and all of the Fine folks that hang out here helping others and sharing their expertise and experiences. I wish we had more Moderators dedicated to the flavor database to keep it updated, clean and tidy. Perhaps one day the good folks that are challenged for this task can keep up with all the errors folks input on a daily basis! (wishful thinking) But for now i’m putting this on my Christmas list! Would Love for someone to merge all of the Vape Wild (VW) flavors! Of all of the flavoring vendors in the database this newer one is the biggest friggin mess of them all!! It’s driving me nuts!!!
Sorry this is more of a rant, but really would be a nice Xmas gift!!


That would be the best ELR gift for everyone I think :christmas_tree: :sparkles::gift::tada::sparkler::fireworks::ribbon::dash::dash::dash::dash::dash:


It seems like there should be a chosen few Members for Moderation of the Flavor Concentrate database. Those few who would be empowered to merge/delete duplicate entries. I have sent multiple suggestions for duplication checking. Some have been addressed, some are still waiting for review.
I was just thinking about this very subject at the grocery store the other day. I saw about 15-20 Young Folks doing physical inventory with Small Computers attached to their wrists. They were making quick work of a monumental task. Maybe collectively we could accomplish the same thing? IDK just a thought :slight_smile:


Rest assured. You’ve barely scratched the surface brother! And I totally agree with the need for more recipe-side moderators that actually moderate. There are far too many entitled users who think ELR is a dumping ground.


Strong words, but in some way I happen to agree to some extent.

Calling @daath maybe it is time for this. Or atleast a community discussion. I’m am sure many members would be willing to follow directions and make dent in the database.

Maybe we could do a database clean up party on a Saturday. We could all log in at the same time and tackle it together once a month.


Haven’t we just finished playing this record?


I like the idea of having a discussion, and not just between members but with Lars and other admins included…
If you look at competing websites, it may be a bit more cumbersome to add flavors, but none seem to have the (big) issue we’re having at ELR. There are different solutions, and I don’t think it’s very nice or respectful to everyone who’s doing an effort and putting in a lot of time to make it better.
Lots of people will want to help but if it’s pointless like it is right now, it’s hard to get people motivated.


Can you wonderful people explain this better for me (For everyone) cause I have no clue nor understand or see where any problem is. Is this just a few people or is the site having a problems?

Here’s some numbers for you, Are you talking about manually cleaning up 125550 flavor database records that are tied to 111261 recipes?

5022 pages of flavors X 25 per page = 125550 indiviual flavors

Sort by used in recipes Decending.
Page 1450 to page 5022 -flavors used in 2 or less recipes.
Page 2077 to page 5022 -flavors used in 1 or less recipes.
Page 4075 to page 5022 -flavors used in 0 or less recipes.

5022-1457 = 3565 x 25 per page
89125 flavors are used in 2 or less recipes

5022-2077 = 2945 x 25 per page
73625 flavors are used in 1 or less recipes

5022-4075 = 947 x 25 per page
23675 flavors are used in 0 or less recipes

Total Recipes: 111261

Personally whatever platform the site is using seems to be handling the that many records and delivering the web pages very fast.

My stash is cleaned up, using only flavors I own correctly named and used by the most people i.e. (highest rated)

When I type to add a flavor to a recipe my flavors come up FIRST high-lited in GREEN. Whats hard about this?

I know I sound selfish, but unless it’s a big issue. I don’t know what to say other then clean-up your own stash, and for the site itself PURGE IF YOU HAVE TOO.

But I see the site as a glorious live capture in the history of vapeing. Like a musuem it’s wonderful even in all its crazy flavor names and recipes.


The problem is functions like “What can I make” or “search by flavor” are broken if people don’t use correct names and that’s a big thing. Another problem is that new users are already overwhelmed with a ton of information (or the lack of it) and won’t get the most out of ELR (trust me, not everyone is as smart as you are).

I don’t know about you, but when adding some new flavors to my stash, I have to work my way around the chaos because it doesn’t pop up as usual with the most recipes in the drop-down list. I know my way around but other people might create yet another variety of the same flavor.

I know it’s a HUGE list of flavors and the longer people wait to do something about it, that list is just going to grow exponentially.

The more chaos you’re going to create, the less appealing it’ll become for people to join and share recipes. A site that is neatly organized and easy to find your way around is so much more attractive.


I understand and do feel the same way… Yes YOUR, MINE and SMART peoples flavors will always be on one of the first 2 pages when we sort by recipes decending. That wont change for us.

I feel the same way Id love to have a different default view myself.

I believe what would be most helpful solution for new users and us is if when we click on the “Flavor List” that the default view is (Recipes Desending.) That way they see what a name “should” look like… and understand that they can sort the list.

Strawberry, Ripe (TPA)
Sweetener (Sucralose/Maltol) (TPA)
Vanilla Custard v1 (Cap)
Sweet Cream (TPA)
Strawberry, Sweet (Cap)

What we all see now when we click on “Flavor List” is the bad undesirable part of the full flavor list. So yes it’s not a mystery why no one has a clue that their Flavor is already on the Flavor List.

! !SB!
! Apple
! conversion formula
! i_am_god_808 !


Ascending is I believe the current setting, which starts with all the crazy characters. You probably mean a normal alphabetical ordering for the proper names, but for that to happen, we need a clean database without all the gunk… which is why a lot of people want to have it all cleaned up :wink:


I don’t think they’re strong at all. What is the extent you agree (or disagree) with?
And a database cleanup won’t do anything until all the pending Dupe submissions are addressed.


Sounds good in theory. But the fact that any user can manually enter any name they desire, and totally bypass whatever pops up, is the underlying problem. Plus a good number of users aren’t even aware that the columns can be sorted. There are guides to show them the how’s and why’s but unless they are pointed in that direction first then all will be for nothing.


What i suggested long ago was to add a row in the flavors in the database to mark them as “approved”. Then make the autocomplete only suggest the approved flavors. This will of course still leave the option to manually put whatever flavor you want as text, but it will at least hide the mess a bit. It will also leave some moderation work, but i think it will become a lot less of it. Then it could also be possible to have the option to show “unapproved” flavors in the flavor list and an option to hide recipes containing flavors with unapproved flavors in the different lists. Heck, Daath could go as far as not allowing to publish recipes that contain unapproved flavors.

It should be easy to make a script that for moderation will categorise new flavors, detecting flavors added for a selected list of brands.

Such solution should help clean/hide some mess, but also help lowering the amount of wrong flavor choice in recipe flavors. Just need to keep it up to date with new flavors as they come out.

The mess would mostly become “personal” mess rather than public mess.

Anyway, what i dont think help is the new naming method used, that as an example turned Fuji Apple (FA) into Apple, Fuji (FA), i recon that will only create confusion and more mess.


I think your on to something @lummy Good thinking.

I understand it annoys some people, So out of site of of mind might be a good strategy for the people it annoys.

Default views and maybe case sensitive queries for pop-ups just might something to look at aslo.

Even if the names were pull from a vender web-site page just created for sites like this. (Approved flavors) I think some people like having the power of creating a base or stone for themselves.

Add a Flavor is a nice feature IMO.

Since so many recipes are private. (Maybe Private Flavors and Public flavors) HUH?

Just make all the crazy flavors private, attach them back to the person that created it, so only they see it, and start new.

I’ll leave it to you guys think about.

But the numbers are to big to even think about. Even if you nuked 89125 flavors, you’ll still have the same problem

89,125 flavors are used in 2 or less recipes
73,625 flavors are used in 1 or less recipes
23,675 flavors are used in 0 or less recipes


Especially because FlavourArt doesn’t even mention “Apple” in that flavor on its site. What’s wrong with the official company names?
Apple is a “tag” that could be applied to a flavor entry in the database, but I agree that it shouldn’t be in the flavor name and certainly not swing left and right.


Heck with the names…

Whats wrong with the official company bottles?

Im more worried im not getting the real flavor and offical bottle by FA. I hate rebottled flavors the vendors are selling all over the place. No one really knows that they are really shaking their Gallon jugs before refilling the bottle they send us.


Nothing is wrong with original/official bottles to which you are welcome to stick with. Benefit of rebottling is lower consumer prices and profit for the vendor. I know where you are getting at and i was question things at my precious supplier. I do however feel fairly comfortable when i order rebottled flavors from places like Chefsflavours.

Real question is, what is wrong with the choice of cheaper prices rebottled or original bottles as it is now?


Hehe, Fuji Apple FA was probably not the best example when thinking of it, considering that it as you say dont even have Apple in the name. Might just be me but i dont find the new naming intuitive at all and just recon it can easily lead to even more mess.

I think most optimal way would be true to the actual manufacture name and adding the brand abbr.

Real confusion could arise if FlavourArt would release a new flavor called Fuji Apple, or any other brand would release a flavor named differently than precious flavor yet colliding with the made up name.

Anyway, one issue there is with rebottling is the mess they create with the names too.