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All Juice 20% off Throughout August


From now and throughout august, we are offering 20% off all ejuice! No code is needed to be quick and grab a bargain!


Does anyone else find this “deal” a bit absurd? Or maybe I just have difficulty understanding why a vendor would advertise e-juice on a site dedicated to DIY, with 1000’s of people who make their own.

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they got 20 hits at the time of this post… but ya I agree, though “absurd” is a nice way to put it.

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They do sell DIY supplies. Although shipping wouldn’t be worth it for me here in the states but for those who live across the pond, they may find some good deals.


I went up on their site just for a moment and the first page I landed on was a listing for commercial juices, American brands and others. Didn’t hang around long enough to see if there were any DIY products because I bounced up out of there.

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Yep, this is strictly for folks in the U.K. It seems. Wonder if we shouldn’t have vendors separated out by regions on here?


That would be a great idea.