"Allow missing flavors" problem

Yep , talking about “Search by Flavor Stash”
The “Allow missing flavors” option would be really cool, if not for one little snag
If you check, say, “allow 2” , then the damned silly system gives you a list of recipes which contain precisely two missing flavors ignoring those with only one missing missing flavor, and those with no missing flavours at all! :laughing: And so on.
That would be fine if you were after a good excuse to buy more flavours, wouldn’t it? But what I really want to use that function for, most often , is to avoid missing those recipes that use say, a different formulation of Stevia than I do, or a different syntax on one of the flavours.
I imagine this would be pretty simple to fix?


I recon you refer to “what can i make” function. Anyways, i actually think it is great as it is, but maybe the wording “allow missing flavors” can be misleading/not specific enough.

However, the reason i personally would prefer it like this, is that in case i wanted to go and look for recipes that i can make, where i would consider allowing some missing flavors because i was about to place an order anyway, then i would first of all go through the ones that would allow 1 missing flavor to see if there was something interesting i wanted to make. Then add that 1 missing flavor to my cart for the recipes found where i was missing 1 flavor. If i didnt find enough interesting recipes where i would only allow 1 missing flavor i would then go to the step with 2 missing flavors. The way it is now i wouldnt end up looking at the exact same recipes i just did when i allowed 1 missing flavor. If you would make it so when you are allowing 2 missing flavors it would show those that also were missing 1 or none, i would easily just end up wasting time looking through many of the same recipes twice.

I hardly use this function to be honest, but just wanted to chip in with a scenario where it works well as it actually is.

A solution that could be more specific and satisfy all parts would be following selections in the drop down:
== 1
<= 1
== 2
<= 2
== 3
<= 3


This is exactly what it is. Allow by definition should included recipes with less than the stated missing flavors.


yeah, it is. :rofl:I’ve interpreted it literally, wheras it actually means “must have missing flavours; Kick out everything that doesn’t” . I assumed that was a mistake in the program, but you have a point: it might be a mistake in the wording instead

Maybe it’s just because I use a lot of under-used flavours that I don’t find it works very well for me? but I’ve been trying to use the -1 option as the "What can I really make? " option , because the “no missing flavours” option, in practice, excludes a lot more of the recipes I can make than it includes , eg, often the excluded recipes have Organic Stevia (reb A) whereas I have Pyure. No significant difference between the two (Pyure - at least the formulation I have-- actually is organic stevia (reb A) ) but can’t expect the program to recognise that.

I should think menthol lovers have the same problem. There are so many versions of menthol solution listed. I very much doubt that somebody who dilutes it at, say, 20% would turn up their nose at a recipe that calls for a 10% solution.

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