"Alternative" Uses for Flavor Concentrates

I was thinking this subject must have been covered before, but couldn’t find it. So here it is!

We deal with all sorts of flavors, and most of them were designed for food or beverage applications. Like, Cheesecake RF was originally intended as a cream cheese flavoring. What do you do with your flavors in the kitchen?

We just bought a Ninja blender/“extractor” that can make frozen drink ice from cubes with no strain at all. So, i whipped up a simple syrup (lightly boil 1 cup water, 1 cup sugar and stir til dissolved) and divided it into 3 solo cups, flavored them up nice, added some food coloring, and made snow cones! The kids thought it was pretty darned cool. And, they came out pretty tasty for a first attempt.

We had:
Black Cherry/Strawberry (NF)
Mandarin Orange/Mango (NF/MF)
Pineapple/Coconut (NF/RF)

Needs a little tweaking in the percentages, I just used drops, nothing accurate, but it was good!

Anyone else have alternate uses for our supplies?


I love RF Strawberry (2 drops) in a glass of wine, especially if it’s a bright wine. I rarely ever use my menthol, mint, or Polar Blast, so I like to add a few drops into my mouth wash, or even a drop in my toothpaste and mix it for extra mint. Early Grey TPA is a little strong, so instead of mixing with it, I simply add it to Irish Breakfast Black Tea for the Bergamot it imparts. I like a few drops INW Peanut or TPA Peanut Butter in my coffee too. :smiley:


A drop or two of menthol and peppermint in tea also helps when I have a cold.


I think you’ll find that using them in your e-liquid is one of the “alternative” uses for them, as far as I am aware they are made for food and drink.


I use unflavored seltzer with the sweeter flavors. I’m not a fan of jello but was thinking why you can’t buy a Swedish fish version in the store.


Did you read my post?

“We deal with all sorts of flavors, and most of them were designed for food or beverage applications”

It was right at the beginning.


That sounds great! I don’t have any mints or menthol. Might have to get some just for tea! And I totally never would have thought to flavor up a wine. Thanks for the tips!


Yeah I read it, I was just pointing out that the “alternative” is using them in e-liquid :smile:


Put them in the filter of your hoover to get a nice smell in the house.
Don’t use one that smells foul of course :poop:


Yep, that’s why it’s in quotation marks in the title. It’s a nod to the fact that we all primarily use them for one thing, but the thing they were designed for would be an alternative to our primary use. I thought the quotation marks would explain that I was being silly about that. Thanks for helping out, though!


That sounds great! Maybe a Coconut or Jasmine. Might have to try that.



Use them for baking or in drinks :smiley:


I try my flavors as perfurmes. I haven’t come to somethink because Im to lazy but the goal is to make perfurmes ‘‘eat safe’’ for my child and maybe for me and my wife too! :wink:
Edit: I use sometimes vanillin as aroma!


I have looked into this and the result was you use them just like familiar “extracts” like Vanilla extract. So this Holiday Season if you find you’re out of the old brown Vanilla extract you use the same amount of one of your favorite Vape’n Vanillas. I have also added Peanut to Peanut Butter cookie recipe, and flavored heavy cream in my WhipIt for flavored whipped cream. Good thread tho… adding to your vacuum cleaner is a good one. @Laberythm google DIY Personal Lubricants …after the kids are asleep :wink:


vanilla nipples!


2 drops of FA Almond in my coffee with sugar and cream.:+1:t2::+1:t2:


I put a few drops on our house filter, for the HVAC system, to freshen the place up a bit. MUCH better than the regular farts and feet smells that pervades our home. Candy, yogurt, ice cream, pudding, oatmeal, cakes/frosting, cookies, caffeinated beverages, soaps, lotions, shampoo/conditioner, etc… So many uses for this stuff.

One of my favorites is a teaspoon of Banana Cream (LA) in banana bread, so freaking good. Another and more recent favorite is a bit of menthol in my shampoo/conditioner and after shave splash.

It is nearly as fun to mix up a great cake frosting with this stuff as it is to make a vape liquid.




Ken’s HVAC Filter :stuck_out_tongue:



I’ve been trying to research how to make shampoo/conditioner. Wanted to cut costs for Xmas this year and surprise family with some yummy smelling products. It doesn’t look easy though… If i coyld find unscented shampoo that would be the easiest, since I’ve almost given up on starting from total scratch (ie using VG). If anyone’s done this, or lotions, face cream, etc, pls message me. I cant afford to buy tons more ingredients - like most recipes off r/DIYBeauty need… (I’ve spent too much on flavors!)


Thanks for all the input, everybody. This is shaping up to be a nice resource thread!

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