Am I on track so far?

So my last order for concentrates included Cannoli Shell (SC) (WF)
I have been wanting to take a shot at making a Cannoli so I’m playing with some ideas for the filling. Here is what I have come up with so far but I beginning to get mixers-block.

Cannoli Shell (SC) (WF) - 3%
Cinnamon Crunch (Flavorah) - 0.5%
Vienna Cream (FA) 1.5%
Yes We Cheesecake (Inawera) 2.5%

My stash is open if anyone has suggestions.
Thank ye! :blush:


Tz… I’d do up some solos of everything you think, first… and sure it might take time to do that… but for me, its well worth doing. that way if you do mix your recipe here up and something goes south, it will be easier to spot it. I can’t speak for the rest of the flavors… but the CC flv looks alright to me… between .4% and .6%… sure… :wink:


Actually everything except the Cannoli Shell has been SFT’d already, just not all mixed together if that’s what you mean. I’m just wondering if these will suffice for the filling or should it be modified. It’s been a minute since I’ve had a real Cannoli.


It is what I meant, Tz… might think marshmallow… cotton candy… it is a sweet creamy type cannoli…
the bread bit… you might want to add ap… or graham cracker… but not too much as it is a puffy type shell… medium hard. :slight_smile:


I’ll preface this with “St Louis is weird”… But, the last time I had Cannoli, the filling had a slightly sour note to it (they might have used cream cheese?). Maybe it was more authentic, maybe liberties were taken. I don’t know. (Never been to Italy)

But IF that was a desired trait (the sour note), you might consider adding a very slight hint of Greek Yogurt.

They also are frequently found with chocolate chips in them, so that might be another idea.


I second that if we are aiming for authentic (traditional), if not then go for it lol.

Otherwise, i would build the creme part with/on/off (wf) mascarpone, (hs) italian cream and maybe a somewhat lighter “eggier” custard to bind and thicken, for example (fa) custard premium. And/or a bit of devon cream.

I would round it out with (ooo) powdered sugar or (flv) frosting, at least from my experience most of them have a light vanilla (in some cases cocoa)dusted sugar on top.

I cant help with the crust, since i dont have the new wf flavors just yet :frowning:

If you dont just get crust from yes we cheesecake, like i do, its probably a good choice to back up the crust and creme part. Hope it helps, if not ignore me :wink:


Me neither but I believe the sweet creamy filling traditionally contains ricotta.

I was thinking the same thing. The first flavor to come to mind for me was RF Souffle.


I worked Pantry in a very nice Italian restaurant years ago. Ours combined ricotta and mascarpone. It added a thick creaminess that gave the ricotta the body it needed to stay in the shell, and a delicate hint of pungentness. Confectioners sugar is used instead of granulated.


Had to google mascarpone, now all I can think about is I’ve got to go out this weekend and order me some cannoli. Well now I don’t think the RF Souffle will give the kind of sour needed here. Too bad because maybe @TorturedZen lives close enough to Troy, Michigan to run over and get some.


Hangsen Italian Cream and WF Mascarpone with a small dab of flv frosting may get you close.

The Italian cream is a heavy cream with a slightly sour note so I would go easy on it around the .5% mark.

WF SC Mascarpone is quite a realistic flavour I would use it around .5-.7%

Flv frosting adds the sweetener for you filling around .25% should do it

Obviously, use to your tastes also means you would have to grab Mascarpone

EDIT: I see @eStorm has already suggested that - note to self read the full thread before posting :grin:


Mmm mascarpone. Makes me drool thinking of a nice slice of tiramisu. Always interested in cannoli recipes. Hopefully bcv gets that wf cannoli shell back in stock soon


I’m missing the Mascarpone unfortunately, but I’ve added it to my shopping list for a future order. The other 2 flavors I have.

I’m thinking the Cannoli Shell (WF) will do the trick. I’ll be getting around to playing with it later tonight.


Unfortunately Troy, Mi. is a bit of a jog from northern IL. But yeah, I gotta taste for some real Cannoli’s now also!


Is the yes we cheesecake more crust than the cheese cake cream aspect ??? Im happy i seen this , i have avoided the yes we cheesecake and was planning on ordering it soon . If it is heavier on crust then i need to avoid it


Well i can talk only about myself, i bought it because of people saying its a good european cheesecake, while its crust heavy it has a good amount of “real” cream cheese.

Too me, the crust is just like european
Cheesecakes thats true, thicker and crunchier. But i personally get no “filling/topping” whatever you want to call it. Its extremly crust heavy and unfortunatly it reminds me of (inw) biscuit but on steroids, which i dont like.

Its crunchier, way darker and lingers around for quite some time. It sticks out just like (cap) custard v1. Like you know its there. Difficult to layer something on top :roll_eyes: I always have to rewick when using it lol.

So yes to me, while im european and like these kind of cheesecakes, this is horribly done and someone forgot the cream in there lol. But if biscuit ever gets reformulated, that would be a flavor people could grab as replacement i guess :wink:


You could also try as suggested above somewhere a tiny bit of a greek yogurt (tpa or flv) or if you have it (flv) bri cheese. My last suggestion would be (la) cream cheese icing. Not my favorite and depending what you taste maybe not a perfect match, but i would consider it before (fa) vienna cream. At least till you get the mascarpone in, all of that can be layered with the italian cream, if you make that one the most prominent maybe.


Well the first test batch is in the drawer. Just to get reckoning of how it might turn out I did…
Cannoli Shell (WF) 3.0%
Cinnamon Crunch (Flavorah) 0.5%
Custard (Inawera) 2.0% (I don’t have FA’s Premium)
Frosting (Flavorah) 0.5%
Italian Cream (HS) 0.5%
Vanilla Whipped Cream (Cap) 1.75%
Yes We Cheesecake (Inawera) 2.0%

FTT (finger tip test) is pretty good but my sense is either the Frosting or the Cheesecake may be out of place. Next batch will try Cream Cheese Icing (LA) and/or Devon Cream (VTA), as suggested. It may be a while before I get any Al Capone cheese, until I have something more sizable to order.

Thank you all for your suggestions so far!


LMAO! Well played!

Wouldn’t that be Swiss though?
(chock full of bullet holes) :wink:


I live near Troy what is there that you’re talking about?


Real Flavor based out of Bay City has a production lab in Troy. I have now been told that they have another one also in MI and one in OH. Anyway their souffle flavor is a fun one to work with. Use at very low percentages, better yet work with a diluted mixture at first.