Am I the only one with custard problems?

I’ve been making juice for 4 months or so and have yet to make a custard recipe that is tolerable, let alone delicious. Custards were my favorites when I was buying juice. I realize they need to steep, and I’ve had a few that have been steeping for over 4 weeks. One is just over 8 weeks. No matter what I do they have a terrible chemical taste. I have these custard flavors:

Vanilla Custard TPA
Vanilla Custard v1 CAP

All the recipes I’ve tried were from this site and got decent ratings. Here is one:

I’m not sure what to do about it as I’m following the recipes perfectly, and I make sure there are plenty of positive comments.

Hey Frank, I’m certainly not the king of custards that would be @Ken_O_Where ( and where the heck he
s been is beyond me…probably storing bags of $$$ since he went off to make his own private label juices :smile: )

I would say look into trying a different vendor, I don’t really care for either one of those custards even though they get high ratings, I kinda like VC V2 by capella’s I used to like it more but am really off them outside of FA’s custard which is nothing like those custards it is more of a lemon custard and not anywhere as eggy and vanilla cream. I know it’s a bummer since you now have 2 you don’t particularly like but down the road revisit them and maybe they’ll grow on you. Most flavors I am on the fence about I tend to use as mixers ( not the main note of the recipe and way lower than the suggested ratio ) seems I get to justify using them and most of the time I end up liking them way below the standard ratios.

sorry for the long rant but custards are really tricky , I actually prefer newer recipes and not steeped custards so guess I am a weirdo compared to the norm :wink:


I am a lover of custards. Try this on for size:

This has been an ADV for me for almost a year. This recipe is simple and effective. Finding the right balance and after almost three months of testing, here it is.

This recipe also serves another purpose in this recipe: where I’ve added blueberry and peach to it. Its just heavenly.

In my (very limited) experience custards take over the flavor as they steep, so if there’s something in the custard part of the flavoring that you don’t like, it’s only going to get more noticeable over time.

Have you tried your ingredients in single flavor mixes to see how you feel about each of them on their own?

I actually have had pretty good experiences with the above 2. I also have LA Custard, FA Custard, and Flavorah Custard but recently received those and haven’t had time to play with them.
For the CAP and TPA with both V2 and DX, steeping is a must since they both use BA in place of A and AP. For the V1 and original, I have had great results mixing them with citrus and other fruit flavors. The magic mix % for both seems between 5-8%. Steeping does bring the custard notes out, but for my palate, it is very pleasant. Try adding about 3-5% Orange Cream TPA for a wonderful orange custard mix. It’s one of my favorites. For sweetening, try adding in 3-5% Sweet Cream TPA. It sweetens and builds on the custard/cream mouth feel. For adding some vanilla, I like to use .5-1% French Vanilla Deluxe (TPA) and have used Vienna Cream (TPA) as well.
Try this,
7% Vanilla Custard TPA
2% Graham Cracker (Clear) TPA
.5% Raspberry Ina
Makes a wonderful raspberry custard pie mix.
Also, if any mix you do is dominated by any flavor, mix a bottle up fresh don’t add any of the dominate flavor and add .5% increments to meet your palate. Add the nic last, let your tongue and olfactor ense be your guide. YES actually taste what you are mixing. Small drop on tootlhpic is my method.

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