Amazon cellucotton prices

So basically this is what I’m looking at for prices. Has anyone else noticed the absurd prices on amazon ca? I’d like to order some cotton rayon but they are all priced way way way more than they should be. This was the most expensive but all of them were $100-$500 range. What the actual fuck?

Am I the only one seeing these prices? lol

Anybody in Canada want to sell me some? for a reasonable price :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you guys have any beauty supply stores that would be comparable to a Sally’s beauty supply here? You might try there. Just make sure you get the 100% rayon that is regular, NOT reinforced.

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I just phoned a local suppliers and he told me to go to my hairdresser and ask them, refuses to sell to me lmao. Now I’m determined.

Bummer :confused: We have a store around here (CosmoProf) that only sells to people who have a license but Sally’s sells to anyone.