American Desire by Vampire Vape

Been looking for Vampire Vape American Desire Caddy or Liberty clone

Found this one on ELR, if you go to recipes and type a recipe name it might get you a result, this time it did :grinning:

American Desire Liberty :

2% Capella Butter Cream
4% Capella Lemon sicily
8% Capella new york cheesecake
2% Capella vanilla ice cream

Flavor total: 16%
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That sounds tasty. That Butter Cream by Capella is some very good stuff. I recommend it in everyone’s stash if they do cream vapes.

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pmsl laughing that’s one I put on there by mistake I made it public. ha ha. thanks though and keep looking. I’m new on here lol

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Oh it’s too late now Dave…waayyyy to late. Already adapted, mixing and will vape as soon as possible!!! DaMmiT MaN!

J/K. I don’t have the lemon sicily but it’s on my list and I can’t wait to try this.

well let me know I will make it 2 moro anyway to see what its like lol

Oops, I was so excited I found a recipe for ye that I didn’t register the name :grinning: Well, maybe something good will come from that little mistake, once @SthrnMixer starts adapting and mixing you can bet he’ll come up with something tasty. Let’s hope he makes it public too :sweat_smile:

you never know we could be on to a accidental winner Josephine.

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I’m gonna try that myself.

let me know what u think and any adjustments Pro

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I’ve never had the original so I don’t know how it should taste. I just like the flavor profile. I’m a dessert mix junky.

wish I could find a clone for it, I love it. American Desire Caddy & Liberty are great. made by Vampire Vape.

Caddy is a sweet fruity strawberry with a creamy custard finish, perfect for dessert & custard lovers.

Liberty is a classic New Yorker’s deli style Vanilla Cheesecake topped with a Lemon Zing, rich & creamy with a citrus finish.

those are the descriptions on the site.

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From your description I’m gonna try this. This looks like what you described.

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looks good worth a try, im gonna order a citrus concentrate to add. maybe 2%