AMMIT RTA Where's the Beef?

Recently purchased an Ammit RTA single coil. Took it out of the package slapped a coil on and wicked it. Attached it to my SMOK 250, set it for wattage at 50 and hardly no vapor at all. So thinking I might of not had the correct amount of wick I went ahead and rewicked it. Didn’t change a bit. I checked the firing of the coil and it was cooking great. Put it back together and still little vapor if any at all. Anyone here have or had the same problem with the Ammits RTA’s?

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Nope, mine is working fine, plenty of clouds. What Ohm is your coil at?


Hardly no vapor tells me that it isn’t heating up the liquid enough meaning you are using to low wattage.
Crank the wattage up and see what happens.