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Amoretti Flavorings


Has anyone used Amoretti flavorings? I got some information that many E-Juice companies uses their flavors. Maybe this is something(s) that people say are missing from recipes. Any thoughts?

Amoretti Home User Line
Amoretti Home User Line

I think I’m going to look up Amoretti Flavorings. @Amy and @DarthVapor. . .between you, you have every known flavor. What say ye?


I ordered a 2oz bottle of NATURAL IRISH STOUT TYPE BEER EXTRACT WS #1077 for $29.86 + 9.39 S&H. They also threw in 3- 2oz flavors free. I’m attempting to clone Avail Vapors Sham-rocked (seasonal).

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Cool, thanks for letting us all know. If these are what they say (can you measure the contents of a new bottle?) it’s an alternative to Medicine Flower shorting everyone on volume and saying foxtrot uniform to those that complain.

@daath is there a discount code for these?


This is the first I’ve ever heard of them - Contact form on their site broke when I tried to write to them :stuck_out_tongue:


their website is really busy looking…wanna point me to where i should look at flavors suitable for vaping?


Only thing I know about these guys are their syrups and bar applications in the restaurant world.
I’ve used them like I’ve used Monin syrups, to flavor coffee and things but I never saw anything for vaping?

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I’m emailing with one of them now - there seem to be extracts, but only in like 2 lb bottles (and up)?!

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They are competitors of another company called Monin. All stuff for the food service industry and beverage.
They also have extracts but used for cooking. I am not positive about this company but I would NOT use their products for inhalation, unless they released the line specifically for vaping, I wouldn’t touch the stuff if what I know about monin, is accurate for them as well.


www.amorettistore.com - I think under Ingredients / Extracts :slight_smile:

Their smallest bottles are 2oz/60ml - discount code: AMOVAPE1 (5% off) valid until April 30th - unlimited use.

@JoJo is going to talk to them :slight_smile:

EDIT: They have weird ones like sweet potato, sweet corn and mastic oil?!

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Apparently you should only look at the “W.S.”-extracts (Water Soluble) - and not all of those are suitable for vaping… I’m asking them for more hints :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The person I spoke with concerning using their flavors for E-Juice can be reached at- terence@amoretti.com


I spoke with Terrence and will reiterate what @daath has said as that is exactly the same thing I was told. The “W.S. extracts” are based in PG and are the flavors you will want to order if you decide to try them. Still waiting on getting some MSDS on them and more information, but was told that they don’t contain diacetyl. I’ll update if/when I hear more.

If you’d like to speak with him, he wants to hear from anyone who is interested in the flavors.


I have not wow I did not know about this company having an artisan line I will have to look a lil deeper at them. Interesting thank y’all all for digging deeper !


@Amy2 The artisan line would definitely be for food only as it is loaded with other stuff. They do seem to have a lot of interesting things, though.

Updated info: I got a couple of MSDS from Terrence. Not incredibly informative, but I’ve posted them here. He said that if anyone would like the MSDS for specific flavors to contact him and he will be happy to give them to you.


Harrumph! Harrumph! Harrumph!


What is the site to the flavor concentrates we’re talking about I only saw the main site but there is a lot going on , on that site. Are they called something else or I’m just looking for water soluble extracts ?

Thanks JoJo :smile:


The flavors that are PG based are the ones that are the water soluble (labeled as W.S. I think) extracts.


Awesome and thanks ! I wished they were similar to the quality of MF and that they were true concentrates.


What I read certainly implied they were 100% no additive extracts, so WTF? They need to answer to this exact wording or their going on my sniper list. . .figuratively speaking.

"With natural flavor, no alcohol, no chemicals, and no artificial flavors or colors, Amoretti is the raspberry extract of choice for professionals and home cooks and bakers alike. "

Last I checked PG was a chemical. This is not a good intro. I was super interested in sweet potato, raspberry, and several others. They’ve some really interesting ones.

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