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Amoretti Flavorings


yes its a double. i am express shipping the other one to you now

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You are too cool thank you Xs a million !


They are W.S. Thank you for your kindness!


All Flavors used as stand alones at 8% in a max vg base no nic just for the testing 1 star poop 5 stars best

Sweet potato- clean sweet crisp a bit earthy slightly woodsy/ pleasantly creamy. No root more earthy in that note. I tried this one first because I for 1 was expecting to maybe be put off by it as a stand alone I was completely wrong it is fantastic all on it’s own. 5 stars !

Natural watermelon - Very good and slightly sweet almost a hint of rind on exhale but no seeds. Could be a tad stronger at 8% but it is very much still pleasant and hits all the buttons I like for a good watermelon no honeydew or cantaloupe hints just beautiful Natural watermelon. 4 stars d/t strength

Natural Speculoos cookie-Spicy cookie with the usual speculoo flavoring of nutmeg, cinnamon, maybe a hint of clove and yes there is a ginger note or is cardamon ? Very good and very concentrated enough to pick up subtle aromas behind the main cookie feel to the flavoring. Wow this is really a great vape all on it’s own. 5 stars

Wild SB- Honestly was hoping this one to be the best but so far it fails on flavor strength it is not exactly a potent SB it seems more of a light creamy semi-sweet headed to a ripe SB. 3 Stars for strength and flavor that is not bold enough to be a " Wild SB" it may steep out to be stronger but as tested right after it is weaker. Maybe be good as a mixer but we tend to want the mixers ( not the main ingredient) to be very concentrated so we don’t have to use as much.

It helps to have them be stronger so when we need an extra SB to add to bring up that profile we really don’t want to grab the one that we Have to use at 4% in a mix that would be too much Pg if your aiming for a certain overall ratio. It is common practice to stay under 20% flavoring. Most of us appreciate a juice with 15 or less but that’s not all of us. There still is plenty ppl who need a 20-25% flavor ratio just to taste the flavor and they’re most likely just coming off of quitting. ***********

Natural Birthday Cake- Light lemon buttery back notes could use more of a kick in the butter department my nose told me buttercream my taste buds tell me …sweet potato …is there a chance the sweet potato and the Natural Birthday cake share some same ingredients? On exhale I get a faint cream it almost seems like the sweet potato in essence but I know I am vaping the tank that has Nat. Birthday cake in it and did not switch up. If I had not vaped Sweet potato in this line up I wonder if my mind would of told me that ? IDK , anyway I do think the beginning has potential but it needs more lemon and more cake more icing and maybe some meringue in there but as of now it isn’t bad but I still give it a 3 star rating.

I will make some recipes with these and see how they fare once mixed with other concentrates and we’ll see how they behave once they’ve steeped as well.

Thank you Terence for this opportunity I appreciate it. I mean no disrespect and I will gladly review any vapable safe flavor you send my way. This is my experiences with Amoretti flavoring again at 8% in VG max.



I would have to say thank you for taking the time to evaluate the products.You suggestions are headed straight up the ladder to the production manager. We are working on a few 2x strengths and a few cereal flavors i will send them to you when they are done…

thank you once again for the input so we can get better and really help the Vape world.


Your welcome and I am glad you took as I’d hope you would to improve ! There is potential in the ones that needed change and the 5 stars need no change good as they are ( of course they could be 2x stronger :wink:)


I haven’t had time to do anything, thanks to my insane work schedule but I at least took them out of the box!
I’m concerned with them for vaping and containing just flavoring and PG.

My panna cotta for example…

Hmmmm. Milk, Egg, Sugar.

It’s a WS extract but it looks like a bottle of makeup :wink:

Smells great but looks like a bottle of thick caramel


That does not look safe for vaping :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


i received my care package today. i am pleased and excited about 3 of the 4 items i received, especially seeing that one is guanabana fruit, also known as soursop, and from what i can gather is closely related to the cherimoya fruit. the one item i am confused about is the custard panna cotta. its like DV described…a thick caramel paste.
@amovapeteam <~~~was this a mistaken item?
i will be making single flavor mixes with mine, but will allow it to steep before i report back.
thanks for sending me the samples, guys!


I am lad to hear that. And yes that is a mistake don’t vape that lol put it in some vanialla ice cream I will send you the correct one.

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there has been a mistake in the back… The code for vape and regular products got mixed up that is a paste for baking not vaping… As you can tell.

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So sorry for the shipping mistake #680 panna cotta is supposed to be #68 pina colada, thank you for bringing it to my attention guys. I will be send you the correction.


No worries. I was interested in the panna cotta but I won’t touch the pina colada, so if that’s what you’re sending, you can hold it :wink:


Yea panna cotta is not a vape flavor warehouse mistake the numbers are close #680 and #68

the #68 was just released to you that was me calling. keep it for one of your friends.

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shipping mistake. you received a baking product not a vape product.

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Guanabana you say? Maybe I should’ve contacted them. Too busy to mix lately though so better it go to those that can. I am definitely down for that flavor as its the best fruit I’ve ever tasted by a mile. Please keep me informed Whiterose.


Hey now… no need for full names

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I think I originally thought this was on a PM. Fixed it :flushed: ( my bad )

Glad you’re not vaping pudding !

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I got the Natural Strawberry and the Wild Strawberry #44 yesterday

I did a vg max at 9% no nic to test

Natural Strawberry #1128- 2 stars weak smells great !

I don’t get much natural tasting sb from this, I actually get an slightly creaminess to an artificial strawberry with a underlying marshmallow or something in there maybe that is the creaminess I am picking up on…I’ll have to see how it works in a mix, but honestly if I am having a bit of a time tasting it at 9% stand alone Idk what it will do for a mix …it is weak needs at least another 2xs concentration to match the normal ( not even the highly concentrated ) flavors we use regularly. Taste is good it is a pleasant SB for sure just not as strong as I’d like. It kinda reminds me of FLV’s SB kinda in that sweet way but FLV’s is much more candier than this one.

Wild Strawberry # 44- 1 star weak not wild at all but smells great !

I’m going to be honest once again…not getting a whole lot of Wild notes here it is weak I used it also at 9% stand alone and can’t get a good taste of it. It isn’t crisp and clear it’s muted …I’m not sure if this just isn’t a great flavor for vaping. It smells terrific and I am sure it’d taste great in food or a smoothie but it’s just not ringing true as a strawberry to me at all, and I love SB it’s my favorite. I know that strawberries have caramel characteristics …I could swear I am picking up and a mixture of the two.

I tried these on new coils and I let them sit in the mix for over 24 hours.

I appreciate the opportunity to review these flavors by Amoretti a Big thank you to Terence. I hope my input can help out and you know Terence I am just being honest. Your company has been nothing but a pleasure to work with. Lightening fast shipping and well packaged, Plenty of product in your bottles. I hope that the SBs can be reworked to a stronger concentration !


I mixed the 3 I received and only licked the spoon…I plan on letting them steep before I vape them. I mixed them 3 days ago at 10%. Of the spoon licking:
The natural birthday cake was delightful tasting…slight lemon zest, mild cake flavor and I got a slight taste of some kind of…icing? Frosting? Something sweet, not sure.
The wild strawberry, as Amy said, not much wild going on, more like a SB jam? No, not jam, more like a preserve, you know, the kind with sb flesh inside. …candied is what I got.
The guanabana…that was a sweet, alcohol, chemical, extract flavor, needing some time…
I’ll vape them in a few weeks and give a vaping review…

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