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hoping the samples get here before my birthday.



home from work today because of rain. heard something that sounded like a beat up truck backing up in my driveway… thinking it my be the vandals who broke into my shed again. I got a pleasant surprise of seeing a fed-ex truck backing up into my driveway…

Vanilla butter
Key lime
Heavy cream
Pumpkin pie
Wild strawberry

@amovapeteam thx for the upgrade on the vanilla butter.

initial sniff test - these smell awesome…

finger taste test… defiantly concentrated. expect single flavor test to go well. already thinking about substituting the strawberry ripe(tpa) in a few recipes for the wild strawberry I just got.



Hey those look familiar lol , so far they are very good



just mixed up 100 ml wild strawberry @ 2% goin to let it set a bit and test over next few weeks…

initial taste - pretty good. not harsh rather smooth. but it is a vg based flavor so may change as it steeps . did heat mix up to 30° C to help thin the vg out…



Vape mail!



Nice … Congrats , Please make sure you check their ingrediants …



@amovapeteam thank you for the replacement Toasted Marshmallow.



got a chance to try out Amoretti customer service online. actually clicked it by accident while I was looking for the weights of the free samples …. very quick response. and polite

Below are the grams per ml for the requested items.

Vanilla Butter #691- 1.03
Key Lime #91- 0.94
Heavy Cream #1006- 1.07
Natural Pumpkin Pie #1275- 1.06
Wild Strawberry #44- 1.14

@amovapeteam I definitely will be ordering more flavors in the future. I found a few food recipes i’d like to try out.

I also like that from what I read on your site in your faq section you do give customer who have ordered from you free samples of a flavor they would like to try… like

Natural Oak Wood #1417 - probably wouldn’t order this one but as a sample. who knows
Apple Pie with “Crust” #1085 - probably will end up ordering this one

I do wish that on the site extracts were spilt up into oils and water soluble…



While that would be somewhat helpful, there are still other pitfalls within the “W. S.” line.
Such as sugars, non-standard (and non-public) carrier(s) on occasion, artificial colors, syrups (fructose, etc), and more.

IMO, they have a LONG ways to go, and things to understand before they approach the vaping and DIY mixing markets. ESPECIALLY WHERE NEWCOMERS* ARE CONCERNED. Because many of that group* aren’t informed enough to know better.

Professionality and friendliness aside (both highly commendable traits), they need a someone with a FAR clearer understanding of what the needs and concerns are not only from a community standpoint, but from a business and legal standpoint! Again, in my opinion.

It’s my viewpoint that when “Joe consumer” has a clearer understanding than the duly appointed company representative, that’s a warning flag.

I still hope for a positive change from Amoretti in these areas though. As they’re highly regarded in their established industries!



I did request free samples also and I’m appreciative for the offerings. I’m pretty much in the same camp as you and really hoped this go-round would have different results then their past. But IMO Amoretti really need someone knowledgeable of what is ok to vape or not before they attempt giveaways or sales of DIY extracts or concentrate for the vape community. Everyone should be very cautious with their freebies. I already see this round of giveaways are going just like the 1st. That’s why I offered a heads up earlier in this thread… (if it was missed).



Yes It would have been easier to choose flavors … If each flavor page at least had the ingredients listed.

Personally I think I’d only choose flavors that had…

These and only these basically.
Water Soluble
USP - Propylene Glycol
USP - Vegetable Glycerin
Natural Flavors
Artificial Flavors - with a SDS maybe. :smile:

Nothing more…

Maybe some with PGA if it was 5% or less.



mixed this up last night

  • (Amoretti) Vanilla Butter 100ml test
  • 4.00% Amoretti - Vanilla Butter #691
    estimated 20ml vaped

taste pretty good was going to try 2% first but wild strawberry I ended up upping from 2% to 4%

  • (Amoretti) Wild Strawberry 100ml test
  • 4.00% Amoretti - Wild Strawberry #44
    estimated 20ml vaped

initial taste - pretty good. not harsh rather smooth. but it is a vg based flavor so may change as it steeps . did heat mix up to 30° C to help thin the vg out… found @2% it lost flavor pretty quick in the dripper with one or two hits…

thinking about pumpkin pie



Just tried one of my pumpkin pie mixes , it has a nice sweetness to it and thickness , very heavy on the clove , i made three testers and forgot to label them which one was what so starting over and going .5pct 1pct 2 and 3

Just looked at my setup single coil .4ohms on derringer , mod was set to 20watts ??? Went up to 40watts and the flave is much better , but still dont know what percent it is at



Got my samples yesterday, Thank you @amovapeteam !
The box smelled like Chocolates !

Not exactly what I ordered, but I’ll make it work.
The S’Mores, Chocolate Brownie and Milk Chocolate, I think are just fine for vaping. The Chocolate Brownie just says “natural flavor” and does not list a base carrier, but is very dark and has a viscosity close to water. The Smores and Milk Chocolate both list VG as the 2nd ingredient, but the Smores is thicker than the Chocolate brownie, but less than VG. The Milk Chocolate on the other hand comes close to VG in thickness.

The English Toffee is questionable. Ingredients says “Organic Agave, Natural English Toffee Flavor”, so I don’t think this one will be vapeable. Yes Organic Agave can be a great sweetener, but I highly doubt it’s good vaped. Especially since there’s more Agave in the flavor than English Toffee.

The Praline Hazelnut concerns the heck out of me. It’s like a THICK black TAR, maybe 3 times thicker than VG, almost as thick as the sludge on the bottom of your engine oil pan. The ingredients listing says “Natural Hazelnut Praline Flavor (flavor contains caramel color, propylene glycol)”
So based on the order of the ingredients, there is more caramel color than there is PG in the flavor, so this also, may not be vapeable.

I’ve sent a message to Amovapeteam, and am waiting to hear what they say. In the mean time, looks like I’ll be SFT’ing some chocolates !
Still not sure of starting %, so maybe I’ll do like @fidalgo_vapes, start real low, and bump them up as needed.



It looks similar to the Ginger I got in their 1st giveaway. It stained the plastic container. Try a few drops in water and you will probably see the oils. I actually thought it was in a brown container until I dumped the Ginger and washed the container.



Drops ? You meant: a thick “clump”.
Ok, I’ll try it and let you all know tomorrow.



I got some of the same flavors. I have vaped the milk chocolate, toasted coconut, Madagascar vanilla, and toasted marshmallow. Not the hazelnut one it looked kind of weird and was very strong on the knuckle test.



if in doubt, throw it out



Think I’m in for a long haul wait before I get any here. Hoping the ones I get are ok cause there won’t be an option to resend. Just wondering if it’s worth us making a collective list of whats no good for vaping from their range?



excellent idea but the problem atm is not receiving flavors in the base that we requested. Hard to recommend what you are not sure what you have.