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Well, I mixed up my 5 flavors today. Here is the nomenclature I used to add them to my stash. Peach (Amoretti), Blood Orange (Natural) (Amoretti), Graham Cracker (Natural) (Amoretti), Orange (Natural) (Amoretti) and Pecan (Natural) (Amoretti). I did not add ws or extract or item #, only my peach did not have “natural” in the name, although it did in the ingredients.

First up Peach. A quick sniff from the bottle… it did not seem real clean, not chemically but not really clean. However I did not notice that when I vaped it. Mixed at 6%. I entered this flavor as a VG flavor The ingredients say contains VG, but a good shake will let you know it’s every bit as viscous as any VG flavor. As it was such a light flavor I bumped the bottle to 8%. That bumped the flavor some, still taste clean. It is mildly sweet. Will now let it steep and see what happens.

Next was Blood Orange. This flavor is very dark, actually looks black in this 2oz bottle. It smells like blood orange, nothing seems off. Ingredients say fruit juice concentrate, natural blood orange flavor and alcohol. Mixed this at 2% Now you can see the color. It is a very dark red. At 2% it turned a 10 mL bottle dark red. If you use a glass tank you will need a red mod to match. This is a bold blood orange and very blood orangie, uh… bloody orange, no blood oriengie. Should have mixed at lower percentage. No sweetness here, in fact it’s very dry. Had to clean and rewick dry fire coils 3 times to remove traces of this flavor from my atty.

I was really looking forward to Graham Cracker, because I love graham cracker. My initial sniff raised a question. That question was “what in the world is this?”. The ingredients on the label say natural flavor and salt. I mixed this at 2%. It taste pretty good just not like graham cracker. I bumped this up to 3%. It is fresh and sorta creamy. Okay, after several redrips into this rda I’ve figured it out. No It’s not 7up cake it’s french toast. Milk egg dipped bread fried over a little butter till firm, no cinnamon no syrup. mildly sweet.

Lets get to the Orange. Sniff test revealed little. Mixed at 2%. Holy cow, there are very few orange flavors I like… and this… Is The Best orange I’ve ever had. Wow, found me a new orange. Now I will let it steep and see what happens.

Last is the pecan. initial sniff of this has only a slight pecan. This is the only flavor that mentioned PG in the ingredients. Mixed at 3%, it is quite sweet for a nut flavor. Although it is nutty not getting a lot of pecan. Bumped to 5% sill the same but very sweet. Just may have my new sweetener. Now to let it steep.

Now back to specific gravity, Will need to find out I guess. The thickest was the peach and almost as thick was the blood orange. The orange was as thin as any pg based flavor. Both the pecan and graham cracker were about half as viscous as the peach, or maybe about twice as thick as the orange, LOL


Hello everyone,
Please keep all request for product samples or information on this Forum,
I will do my best to respond as soon as I can :slight_smile:


Hi, Terence. I got an O.S. Passion Fruit as well as a WS version. I also got a Heavy Cream WS that i already had. Is it possible to get together and find 2 more VG based flavors to replace these with?

I’ll pay to return ship them, i did open the OS Passion Fruit before i noticed the mix up, though.


Hi @Plunderdrum the o.s is a VG version since you didn’t want PG


I mixed that at 5pct for SFT purpose , are tou finding a better percentage that works ??? Ill test a bit higher and lower but since you have it already thought id ask


if anybody has the milk #1039 and its to cloudy i can send #90 condensed milk, i hear to be a better flavor, send PM only please


Now I’m confused. Everything I’ve learned has told me that Oil Soluble is bad. Is this one just VG based and fine? And, is the WS Passion Fruit a PG flavor? Not sure why you sent that if it is. Feel free to PM me if you’d like.


I haven’t had a session since the package arrived. Heavy Cream was good at 5% iirc. Its been a while.


also anyone who received • 1262 blueberry type or 1280 butterscotch please inbox me so we can replace for 45 blueberry and 529 butterscotch thank you


Thank you for your continued help @amovapeteam.


Compiling …


Ok guys and gals… amovapeteam did message me back saying the offer was expired, but they will send me a few.

Also just a note @amovapeteam … If you are wondering… I only chose some of the exotic flavors because I have a lot of the usual suspects Fruits and Creams. (and can count on others here to compare those for me) But there just comes a time in every mixers life when they start playing with the exotic flavors for variety and making unique vape juices, to experiment instead of the same-old- same-old, because you never know when you might find something wonderful you never would have thought to try.

thank you again!


There’s a host of brands that can be recommended for such ‘explorations’! :wink:

Nature’s Flavors
German Flavors
And more!

DIYVS (DIY Vapor Supply) is a great place to start for some of the less common brands and flavors that still have a great chance of knocking your socks off (with surprise finds). :wink:


@Sprkslfly Noted bro TYVM!


Good luck getting anything from IDE… he has left the site up but is no longer filling orders.

you are right that there are tons of other places to pick up flavorings tho :wink:

Been that way now for almost 2 yrs. not sure why people keep bringing him up. eh…


Oh that sucks.
I only just remembered about them last month and that I was desperately wanting to try a few of their offerings.

I guess things picked up at Mothers, or he got a secondary project launched.


Unless you want to purchase gallons and barrels, he has closed shop.
I know, He is my boss.

I can not say anything else, sorry @Sprkslfly


Totally understand!
Appreciate the heads up though.

Feel free to PM me with any suggestions for replacements his apple pie! :wink: lol


@Sprkslfly would you like to try our apple pie ??


No. Thank you though. Kind of you to offer.