An Alternative Idea To Run Alongside The Mix This Mix Thread Idea?

I enjoyed participating in the February mixing thread competition although my effort was ultimately disappointing. Had a look through some other recipes and although they look mighty tempting, most have 1 or 2 ingredients I am missing as usual.

As an alternative to perhaps run alongside it (not to replace the original great idea). Would be to perhaps try a mixing for comp fun thing. Where everyone uses the exact same 5 ingredients (plus one of there own choice added + Sweetener if you feel it needs it) to make a finished mix that everybody could try. As we are all starting practically from the same point and have the ingredients already.

It would all be ingredients from the first 3 pages of the most popular concentrates on here. Meaning people on here hopefully having most, if not all of the ingredients already and of course if you want more people to sample your recipe, the extra ingredient should be a popular readily available concentrate also.Rather some obscure brand flavour, that may only be available in your country iyswim

If there is enough interest for it, I certainly would be happy to kick off this months effort with the following suggestion for the concentrates to use.Which would enable participants to get any missing ingredients in and start mixing and steeping, so people can post there results and efforts before the end of March.

Strawberry Ripe (TPA)
HoneyDew Melon (TPA)
Pineapple (Not the Juicy One) (TPA)
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA)
Cream Fresh (FA)

You wouldn’t have to use all of them if you didn’t want and you could add 1 of the following say a yoghurt, cream, biscuit, bakery whatever takes your fancy + sweetner if you felt it needed it.

As I say just a bit of fun and something to run alongside the Mix this Mix idea, but everybody starts at the same point and it will be easier to sample other peoples finished recipe more easily if you are all using the same ingredients already

If your interested reply to this thread and lets see if we can get this idea to work also? I certainly enjoy these group participation efforts


It doesn’t have to be the five flavours I suggested by the way. Just an idea to show what could be used. If anyone else can think of five popular/common flavours to work with. Please feel free to add them.

Don’t know if people know the TV show Ready Steady Cook, where the chefs have cook a meal from 5 random ingredients, bought in by a member of the audience and they can use an ingredient from the stock cupboard to go with it. Same sort of thing for this, more of a Ready Steady Mix type thing though. :grinning:.

im up for anything like this , btw the list of flaves is a good one bht i dont have any pineaapple ;(

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Sounds like a Good idea I would be interested too! Along with the mix this mix thread lol


yes of course along with the other thread

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I know he isn’t trying to replace it he made that very clear lol but yes I would do both!

ill grab some pineapple beacuse that list of flaves. @bluenose63 put up sounds yummy mixed togetjer

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I like the idea. Sadly I am jumping down the rabbit hole of MF flavors. I’m falling in love. That being said the concentrates in the first few pages aren’t my favs but are my supporting flavors.


Happy to see some takers on the idea. I know it is unlikely everybody would have the 5 flavours I suggested. But you have to start somewhere. (I personally would need to buy Cream Fresh to participate in this).

I have been mixing for 4 years and still learning. But the idea of a group of mixers coming together, using the same ingredients and seeing how different peoples idea of mixing and %'s work and learn from this has always appealed to me.

Although no prize I would quite happily mix all the entries, for the first one (within reason) and based on my subjective tastebuds :grinning: declare the most impressive mix? I have over 300 flavours so if people work within my stash as the extra flavour. I would be able to mix them

Haven’t spoke to @daath about this, but if I copy him in he may (but maybe not) perhaps leave the declared best recipe up on the homepage for a week or so as an incentive to those who enter? and promote ELR and its mixers and show what they can do?

If this takes off, as I said it could run alongside the already established Mix This Mix Thread, but as everybody would already have the majority of the concentrates, they could hopefully make up other peoples mixes as well and sample how different mixers ideas work and learn form it?

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A tool could actually be built, that examines all the participants’ stashes and output a list of common flavorings :slight_smile:


You mean on the forum or on the main ELR site? For ages I’ve been wanting to add an “article”-section on the main site, and I’ve also been meaning to do newsletters - but I’ve never had the time to dive in :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: So many things to do :smiley:


My initial thought was this page left at the top of the page highlighted as the winner for a period of time, decided by yourself. perhaps?

But maybe a blog entry as well that the mixer could describe how he mixed it and how he designed the recipe as well. To make it a little more interesting. I love the Mix this Mix thread. But even with all the flavours I have, I can only make a couple of them, or some heavy investment needed to try them out and a lot of those flavours may not be available to me, in the UK. Just seems a way of everybody starting on a level playing field to create something from the same concentrates.

The tool sounds great. But hopefully it wouldn’t throw up a random selection of flavours that the majority have that just wouldn’t work together.

As a further thought, this sort of thing could be highlighted in a Newsletter, pointing to a blog or dedicated webpage, where they can post there entries or simply a forum thread. because I am sure there are many people who submit recipes on here, who don’t realise there is a forum also?. Perhaps encouraging more ELR members to participate in the forum going forwards as well?

Also promoting it to members in the future who submit recipes here, but who haven’t seen the idea for whatever form of comp you decide going forward maybe? But encouraging them to participate as well, if they are made aware of it by newsletter

Anyway just random thoughts. I am sure you have your own ideas at the moment, by the looks of it…

Just don’t throw an oddball in there like Jalapeño (TPA), LOL.


Yes, I’ve been contemplating a blog of sorts - maybe get some other people to write on it as well - Do a curated recipes section all sorts of interesting stuff could be made, that requires work :wink: heheh

@Don3 - Dude! How are you?! Long time - You sort of pop up sometimes and then disappear again - Still in Japan?

Sounds like a few busy months ahead, with all the new ideas you want to implement. New features and places to go to on the site, will make it more interesting, fresh and relevant for members on here, though.

That will be for the Pizza comp one month perhaps, with the Smoky Bacon, Roast Chicken, Tomato and Basil concentrates.:grinning:

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ooh I have fried chicken but I am too chicken to mix it yet. - pizza comp sounds perfect for it lol

fired chicken, peanut butter, honey, sriracha, pinapple pizza

Thing is with the weird flavours, they never seem to work. I got a cardamom concentrate a few months back, as I thought it would go well with a Papaya Lassi mix I wanted to try and create. But as with many mixing ideas, I couldn’t make the cardamom work for me and now stuck with a concentrate, I probably wont ever use again, unless I add it to something like a RY4 perhaps

Good luck with the Roast Chicken though:grinning:

No, they have me stationed in Las Vegas now. I do miss the hell out of Okinawa, was a great 8 years… Ya, i tend to deploy sometimes for months at a time and life keeps happening. Hasn’t slowed down for me this past year, but I try getting on here when I can. Still mixing of course, just not as much as I’d like too :frowning:

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