An E-Juice Story

Ok … This may be silly but it could be fun.

You can change the melody and the tune, but whatever you do … Keep The story going …

There once was a man from Moline.
He invented an E-Juice machine.
At 99 shakes, the E-Juice he makes
Can turn Custards into Creams.


His whole street was buying
They chose vape over dying
The sweet smell of vanilla
tamed the zoo’s craziest gorilla

Btw, I’m new - hi y’all and thank you so much for all the information you’ve left to build this community.


I gotta say first post and you nailed it. Nice job. Me I’m not that creative.

With the gorilla asleep
Knowing the rda did not even make a peep
It was time to go to the vape meet
With custom juice in hand he/she knew they couldn’t be beat


The juice was quite sweet
Never once taste like feet
Gave large clouds of vapor
Was like heaven to a vaper.


until the fda came around and became to all of us the raper


The vapers united to fight the goons back
With glorious liquids that taste like crack
We all gathered at ELR
And made the juices that raised the bar


The bar was raised … this much is true
The recipes blazed … through and through and through
All of the pages, were glorious stages
of members many different phases


Whether your looking to clone at home,
Or just in need of a tasty vape,
You can find all the info you need right here,
Plus the community here is great,

But sometimes the trolls try to infiltrate,
They say stupid stuff to get us irate,
Instead of ignoring or flagging their posts,
We spill our hate across the page,

Positivity is the key,
Pushing forward, up and up,
She’ll love the taste of that “nana cream”,
She’ll say it tastes like “strawnana custard”,

So the next time you see a troll,
Ignore and flag that c**t,
Attention seeking green eyed monsters,
That never “bust a nut”.


In the following months the battle was won
the steep was too good in the recipe’s done
The custards were creamy
The fruits were sublime
you cant beat a potion that’s given enough time.

So next time you naysayers try and take ours
you’ll know that our liquids take longer than hours
you can make all the rules
you can try and make it hard
but know this
Its OUR milkshake’s that bring all the boys to the yard. :grin:


Welcome aboard :wink::+1:


I don’t have enough likes to give away to you people in this thread. Keep em coming.
@anon60225325 you started real good on ELR that’s for damned sure, Welcome.


With the FDA’s final word
It stunk bad like a turd
Our community did unite
To win the good fight

With the fruits sweet and fine
The creams are sublime
ELR powers through
Our member hold true
We will we will vape you


After we Chanted we vaped
fairies & smurf juice
Unicorns & Dragons became the enchanted
We all raised our mods & to Our God and road the rainbow to the fruit bowl where fruit went loopy and the custard was plenty.


nice lol :ok_hand:


Oh my gaaaaaaawd, ya’ll challenge me again with this stuff!
I’m Not a Poet!
Isn’t my Bust-a-Nut enough?!!!

But, to be honest and true,
It’s very well known
ELR is my Love,
It’s my DIY Home.

As for that guy from Moline,
and his Penchant for inventing Machines…
I say to you all,
Just Mix it, Shake it Up,
Then Age it,
That’s All!!
<3 <3 <3


whispering for not hijacking the thread Thank you so much for the warm welcome and for spending a lot of your hearts of the day on me - feeling a little blessed here. Been lurking around in the shadows of the forum the past few months and I’m very impressed by good tone you manage to keep in here. I think it’s quite rare actually. Love the humor, all your different personalities and that you’ve got an expert for almost everything. :smile: Stopped smoking 140 days ago, went straight for 0 mg, been reading and learning, learning and reading and made my first six mixes a few weeks ago, building slowly, testing and very much enjoying the creative thinking and all the possibilities. done whispering



jk…you’re welcome, best place ever :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Pardon me boy, is that the Chattanooga Choo Choo?
On Track 29…
Or just a Vaper Chucking Cloud’s killing time?


Everyone here pretty much accepts each other for what we are, every one is respectful even if not always in agreement on various subjects. Congrats on your victory of 140! That’s an accomplishment! Dont be afraid to speak up, you don’t have to lurk lol


Thank you so much, @Maureeenie, it’s been a walk in the park actually, can’t believe I didn’t quit sooner as my husband has been vaping for over three years. About the forum; it’s good to have different opinions so that things can be discussed in a proper manner, instead of the bashing, namecalling and trolling you see online these days. Hats off for you - it’s the fastest way to development. Done lurking now, lol, just wanted to learn the basics and then some, this is almost Vapikedia for newbies.