An Idea I have for ELR?

To Lars or ELR team.
I have an Idea for ELR and want it implemented if you can? The Idea is, can you do a save function on the recipes we browse, so we can import into “Ejuice Me Up” This will save us all from inputting the flavors and Percentages all the time. It only has to be in the .rec format that Ejuice Me Up uses to open.

Regards TwoTone;-)

what is ejuice me up ???


It’s the ejuice calculator I run on my laptop. Personally, I haven’t really used elr for my recipe creatation but the place to post a mix. I have two years of recipes saved to computer in .rec and pdf format.


so no relation to ELR !? i only ask because if it isnt associated to elr why would lars work in this function ???


Curious what the app does for you that the ELR calculator doesn’t/can’t. Is it just the ability to work offline, or is it functionality?

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Offline for one. All saved to my device. Saved for ever with backups. It’s what I started with. And so. Plus I have more control of how I input my flavors, quicker editing and yup.


You’re joking, right? Do you also go to MacDonald’s and ask for a Flame Broiled Whopper?

Boooooooo!!! :-1:


Sounds very familiar! :wink:

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It might be easy. Export both your ELR recipes and your e-Juice me up recipes to two separate .CSV files. Open them both up in Excel or other spreadsheet app.

To import your ELR recipes perform a “Save As” on the ELR.csv to make a 3rd working file, and edit the top row “Headers” to match the e-juice me up export.csv. Delete any columns in your 3rd “Save(d) As” spreadsheet that are not visible in E-J-M-U.csv and add new columns for the ones that DO exist …you might be able to just rename but blank out (del) any data below (new columns) if it doesn’t match with the Header.

This new 3rd spreadsheet should now have all the same columns/headers as the E-J-M-U.csv and correct data underneath …uh hit SAVE. Then you can import or just rename (must be a TEXT format .CSV) into e-Juice Me Up. If the .REC format is proprietary try opening it in a TEXT editor or let Excel take a crack at a straight Data Import from the .REC to uncover the database format (commas, TABs?)


I think a lot of the keystrokes could be saved by writing a excel macro, but I wonder what other advantages is there to use anything other than than it being offline and tracking inventory?