An Interesting Example of RTA Vapor Lock

…at least it was interesting to me :]
Picked up a DigiFlavor Pharaoh RTA recently and had been having a heck of a time with wicking and juice flow. Figured out quickly that vapor lock was playing a role, as popping the top cap breaks the lock momentarily allows the juice to flow.
Anyway, pulled the tank off the deck for a rinsing, and with the top cap in place and about a 1/4" of juice between the glass and the chimney, holding upright, the juice did not leak down through the slots until I had rolled the tank around a bit.


I’ve had that happen with a couple of RTA’s that have a tight gap between the glass and the chamber. It gets worse if you’re running high-VG juice. It’s a total PITA, as the only real option is to run it with thinner juice. You’d think that the mighty Rip would’ve made sure that his signature tank didn’t have this problem…


The juice was only 70/30 BTW. Is that even considered high VG these days?
And yes, I imagine Rip is kicking himself a little on this one. And bet he’s gotten an earful on his wicking technique for this tank :]
Nobody’s perfect.
The tank does redeem itself though with the easy build deck, great flavor, and solid construction, IMHO.


Agreed, enjoy the tank a lot! But had this happen before too🙄