An interesting experiment with flavours and the brain

A friend posted this thought it was worth sharing? What are your thoughts does flavours affect the brain :exploding_head:


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@Benoz Interesting topic. Never confuse my attempt at Science as fact. The article (linked) aims to investigate if inhaled vape flavorings can invoke similar biological responses as drinking coffee mixed with butter instead of sugar and the claims it can induce weight loss (by reducing sugar cravings etc.)

Artificial flavoring may have some effect, but the “Bullet-proof” concept is nutrition-based not taste-based. Still there could be connections. One obvious one would be artificial sweeteners. Some folks claim artificial sweeteners can spike insulin levels by in some degree tricking the brain into thinking it is consuming sugar. Some folks claim that drinking Diet Sodas, just make you crave more diet sodas and real carbs (chippy snacks etc.) The question is then does vaping sweet e-juice have a similar effect?

I think the bulletproof coffee claims may have some ketogenic connection where carbs are dietarily swapped out for fats. The difference between fat metabolism and sugar metabolism, and the difference in insulin levels in the blood, or how that overall changes our appetite/health might be too far a stretch for to find connection in this DIY, and in fairness the author did state that.

Great discussion though. We do use flavorings that food manufacturers put in addictive junks foods …heh like every ingredient in Vanilla Ice Cream (LB) :wink: Not sure I’ve vaped any recipes that reduced my appetite, but surely having a Vape on my lips instead of a potato chip (or bag of chips) is getting oral satisfaction with zero calories (no derailing damnit!)

Oh Bulletproof coffee? Over here we use organic coconut oil …I put it in my blender …with sugar hahha


I’m pretty sure I’m brain dead to these triggers. A pound and a half of porter house, a good sized baked potato, a couple ears of corn and a klondyke bar make me feel full. Butter, olives, etc. nope.


Being diabetic it’s the fats we consume more so than the sugars. Sugar has no beneficial values to our bodies, empty calories etc. Fats on the other hand change everything. Good fats vs bad fats. Sorry, I know it has nothing to do with vaping. Sugar sure does make things taste better though. I thought my sugar spikes were from vaping with, at the time commercial juices. It only made me chase after that sweetness even more. Once I realized that eating those fatty foods was really what was causing my “sugar” spikes, I’ve started eliminating mostly those fats as much as I could and have seen my sugar start to balance out into a much more healthy range. This is from just my own personal experience and it’s what works for me. Just my 2 cents nothing more.