An interesting survey I took some time back

Dear Survey Participant,

You recently completed my survey about your views and intended responses to FDA’s deeming regulations of e-cigarettes. At the end of the survey, you indicated you’d like to be notified when the results of the survey were available.

As promised, the full report of the survey findings are now available and attached for you to read at your leisure. Please feel free to share and discuss the survey findings on social media and with your friends and family who may be interested in the findings.

Below is a brief summary of what we found:

***** SUMMARY *****

We surveyed 9,040 current e-cigarette users in the United States on what they think they will do if, when the Deeming Rule comes into effect on August 8th 2018, they are no longer able to legally buy the e-cigarette products they currently use.

The majority (>60%) of current e-cigarette users expressed intentions to either start buying e-cigarettes and e-liquid from the black market, both in the local community and online, start making and mixing their own e-liquid at home, start bulk buying/stocking up on e-liquid in advance of the Deeming Rule coming into effect, or go back to smoking tobacco/smoke more tobacco than they do currently.

All of these responses would likely increase these individuals’ risk for ill health, and fuel a black market trade in e-cigarette products. Only a very small proportion of current e-cigarette users expressed an intention to comply with the Deeming Rule by either ceasing e-cigarette use or switching to use of FDA-approved e-cigarettes (if any will exist).

Thanks once again for taking part, your time and insights are hugely appreciated!

Best wishes,


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Interesting. I would have thought that the number would be much higher than 60%.

Nice share!


I suspect that it will be higher in reality.
If i was asked if i were going to break the law what do you think i would answer?


I would say yes if he asked me if i would break the law :smile: :smile:


Yeah well back in the day they wouldn’t admit to swiping a cigarette if they were out either :wink:

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Nice share, thank you. I make my own juice so I’ll just stock up on a few years worth of supplies lol

Do you drive coast to coast? You might be a valuable cohort in fun and games if some states get tight or dry


This is a Constitutional Republic and I will do what I damn well please. (Sorry…but it is)