An interesting way to test/taste?

Hey guys I have a question I am curious about…

I have an employee who SWEARS by this method especially for trying new flavors and to be honest I am EXTREMELY skeptical…

What he does before he creates a new mix is he drops his flavors in a bit of water and swishes it around his mouth and spits it back out. He does this for just about everything from sampling a new flavor to pairing flavors for a recipe…

I suppose I could understand it from the point of tasting a new flavor? But it just seems extremely wasteful and I cannot imagine it being accurate in any way, shape or form…

Has anyone tried this before? I usually just make a 3ml of straight VG/flavoring if and when I want to try a new flavor but I’m not going to lie this sounds pretty interesting and the juices he produces are pretty damn good and he uses his method every…single…time he makes something!

I’m not about to go throwing my flavors down the drain like that but if this is something that people have actually done AND it has some success rate I may be willing to give it a try…


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There are a lot of people around that do this. Some say a drop in a shot glass of water, some say a drop in 2ml of water. I just taste it on my finger and throw it in a mix. I can’t be bothered to go through all that. That being said, I’m sure it works great…like wine tasting. I would only do it to get an idea for the strength of the flavor, not for pairing or making a mix or anything. That’s just overkill. LoL


Ditto on the way you do it! I will make up a 2ml batch with 5% and Vape that, only because I like to have the olfactory experience when testing flavors.


Hmm no kidding, this is the first I have heard of it. I usually do the finger taste myself if I need to, it just doesn’t seem to be an accurate way of pairing or mixing anything. I’m with both you guys not to mention it gives me a better idea of TH, mouth and that…I was just curious :wink:

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I do both now. The small batch method and take notes on flavors are by far the best method IMO. I tend to get a better feel from a vape. At first taste I can get a feel of what would taste best with a flavor. You can taste what it’s missing if anything and adjust it before you mix it instead of after.


I call it the shottest way to test…

You can get very small disposable shot glasses, water and a drop or two of flavoring lets you get a real good idea of the taste and strength :smile: I’ve done this. Some, as you write, even pair flavors that way, to see if they work :smile:


Well then…I suppose I will just have to give this a try for the hell of it then! May save some time if I’m not feeling to ambitious :smile: Thank @daath

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I may give it a shot to see what it’s like just out of curiosity! I don’t see one drop being very wasteful…iv done 30ml bottles of wastefulness!!! You live you learn!! Someone always has a different method than the crowd!


I first saw this method by a guy called VAPE CRISIS on YouTube (also this is how I found ELR) and since then it’s how I begin to build a recipe for a bespoke flavour profile.

I done this exact method with my sister to create a recipe for her

It almost becomes like a wine tasting session.

Making notes as you go helps a lot.

I find 2ml of water to 1drop flavour works best to begin with.