An update on DX flavors (in relation to the database)

FYI, I’ve just gone through every last one of these flavors, and I’ve updated the format to match the (goal of the) rest of the flavors.

It’s worth mentioning that IF YOU SEE DX as a leading designator, that flavor has been DISCONTINUED by TPA!!!

Discontinued flavors:
(in today’s list (2018 12-17))

  • DX French Vanilla (TPA)
  • DX Vanilla Custard (TPA)
  • DX Whipped Cream (TPA)

The rest of the flavors have been brought more in line with the others (that are still in process)

Updated examples include:
Chocolate, Milk (DX) (TPA)
Donut, Frosted (DX) (TPA)
Milk/Dairy (DX) (TPA)
Peach, Juicy (DX) (TPA)
Rum, Jamaican (DX) (TPA)
Graham Cracker (DX) (TPA)

IF however you see “dx” and only dx…
Then you have entered a flavor that does NOT exist!! (At least according to TPA)

IE: I saw quite a few DX Cheesecake flavors under TPA, and they DO NOT make a cheesecake under the DX line at all.
Same for Kiwi, etc.

Unfortunately, the ability to mark flavors as ‘discontinued’ does not currently exist. So leaving the DX at the leading edge was the best I could think of at the moment. :wink:

Hopefully everyone finds this useful, and can understand what might appear “Willy Nilly” at first glance. :laughing:

That’s all for now!
Thanks for reading, and I hope this helps,


Thanks again for all the work ya do!:+1: certainly saves someone beating their head on the wall trying to locate a disc’d or possibly nonexistent flavor. If u find simply “DX” in your stash now that means you were some kinda wizard.


Wow @Sprkslfly I typically have at least 30 oz. of DX Juicy Peach on hand because I go though so much of it. I had no idea the DX line was or is being discontinued.


That’s the first I hear about it as well … and you can still buy their DX Juicy Peach on the website, nothing in their news bulletins (yet?) or in the FAQs.

@Sprkslfly you’re confusing me :slight_smile:


Not the whole line only these:

Other flavors from the dx line, that are not discontinued as of now, the labels on the database were changed too reflect that.

Prior database entry

  1. (DX) Juicy Peach (TPA)
    Corrected too
  2. Peach, Juicy (DX)(TPA)

If you have a flavor just named dx in your stash, it’s either a discontinued flavor (see current list above) or a flavor that never existed as dx version anyways.

Like people marking stuff v2 when there’s no such thing lol.

I hope I understood it correctly and hopefully that fixes the confusion @anon28032772 :slight_smile:

Ps I didn’t look for the source yet, so that’s sprkies job in linking it :rofl:


Thanks for the clarification :grin:


D’oh! That’s not what I was trying to say at all!
Sorry if it wasn’t clear!

Only the 3 flavors mentioned are no longer listed for sale by TFA when doing a search!


No worries, I speak typo and gibberish fluently. I am very happy to translate when needed :rofl:


Fixed :slight_smile:


Thank you. I’m new here and saw some while adding to my stash. That certainly helps me out!:blush:


Welcome @Jenn_72!

Thank you, and glad to hear that! :smiley:


I did just see the Banana Foster was another. I just added the other flavor to compensate. You truly helped me and my flavor list out!! :smile: