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Analyzing The 100 Top-Rated Recipes

Thanks man for this very useful post. For beginners.

I will start with buying the 18 flavors. And let the calculator for the rest.


Superb analytics - a very impressive WOW !! and thank you :wink:


thank you for this. this is next level


Ok mr BADASS. How about this. What are the top 25 premium flavors used by the top number of recipes needed to accumulate the top 25 flavors. I just lost myself here, but I am sure you know what I mean. So take RF SC, and generate a list of the top 25. Do the same for MF and Flavorah. Can that be done pretty easiy?

Great freakin job man!


Mr. Badass accepts your challenge. :sunglasses:

Wait, what? I’m not sure that I even understand the question… Do you want a list of recipes covering the top 25 flavors from each and every vendor? That’s a large amount of data to sift through…


OK, I thought a bit about @LordVapor’s question. Well, at least the question made me think about doing another post, like figuring out the recipes that can be made using the top 25/100/200 flavors. I thought about what it would take to do a proper analysis key on the top flavors.

And I don’t think it’s going to happen, for a couple reasons.

The first is that I honestly don’t think it would provide much information beyond what is already available. If you go into the flavor list and click on Recipes, the flavors will sort by the number of recipes that use each flavor. One can see that Bavarian Cream (TPA) is used in 153,000 recipes. And so on, and on… It’s pretty easy to see that these frequently-used flavors are worth having in one’s stash.

The second, more important reason is that analyzing the top flavors would require a lot of automated programming that would break numerous site rules. I won’t go into the details, but I really don’t think that @daath would like what I would have to do to get the base info.

So… A lot of work, limited results, and breaking numerous sites rules… I don’t think it will happen. Sorry.


This is extremely usefull information. Thank you Sir.


Meh, I did a similar analysis while sittin’ on the toilet one day!

Seriously tho, this just blew my mind! Great info and kudos to you for doing this!


@Scottes777 Thanks once more, Scott, your posts are among the most useful things to read in DIY liquid making/


@Scottes777 thank you for this list, and the other list. now off to gather some flavours and educate myself.


This is exactly what i was looking for to start out. Thank you so much, I just placed an order based on your list to get me started , before i found this i was a bit overwhelmed for sure


This looks awesome, thanks for putting this together. One request? Would it be possible to break down the common ingredients for a “starter kit” or in the section on most common ingredients/recipes by flavor profile?

I’m interested in fruity flavors alone, or with tobacco and or menthol. Custards and anything creamy is revolting to me and I wouldn’t be interested in anything along those lines. I imagine that there are others who are like me or the exact opposite.

This might be more helpful to those who want to focus on/avoid some general flavor families.


I’ve thought about this, and I think someone asked before, too.

My short answer: It’s impossible.

My long answer: It’s very, very difficult to assign a recipe into categories like “fruity” or “dessert” - what’s Apple Pie? It’s a fruity dessert? Or a dessert with fruit? What about a recipe that flips those percentages, one with a lot of custard/pie crust/dough flavor and just a little fruit. Is that one a dessert now since it just has a touch of fruit? Perhaps a touch of some fruit that someone considers revolting and thus thinks the recipe shouldn’t be categorized under “dessert” because it has that revolting fruit in it?

It’s just too subjective.
And I wish it weren’t. I love categories, and I’d love to be able to find new recipes more quickly.


Wow quite impressive! Alot of work here, great job!!! I’m new to the forum and haven’t quite figured out how everything works. Been mixing for years and got into a funk. Way to many recipes to sort out here. Maybe I can make some friends who will show me the ropes. I’ll be returning to this thread.


Over the last year and a half, I’ve seen a lot of new flavors and brands enter the top 100. Would it be worth it to do a review of the original post? I’m sure a couple things will have changed a bit.

I thought it was a most excellent post with a lot of very useful information, both for beginners and even more experienced mixers.


Updated - for real this time - on Nov 10, 2018.


Nice work @Scottes777 1 little thing this should be removed it is not a recipe it should actually be deleted but I don’t have any admin privileges on the recipes side.

100% VGOD EJUICE REMIX - 50.00%

@Wayne_Walker you should really delete this


I thought that was a weird one. But removing isn’t really possible without huge effort. My program just looks at the top 100 recipes, and that is one of them. Ignoring that one is a significant effort. Luckily it doesn’t really throw off the results - flavor counts, etc. Hmm. Maybe I can ignore it in a different way… I’ll check.


Oh why why why??? Why did this not exist many moons ago? Oh, this is an ENORMOUS positive you’ve done for the DIY community. I’m new-ish to diy, but over the last 5 years have started/stopped mixing about 5 different times, each time buying WAY too much of the wrong juice, only to eventually get fed up and go back to commercial juices. This list… huge step forward. It’ll help me tremendously, as well. I now finally have the vast majority of the ‘must have’ list, but it took me a whole lot of the ‘you’ll never use that and are buying the wrong brand for flavor profile!’ money wasted that I’ll never get back. Bookmarking this article to the ends of the earth, for myself and to pass out. Thanks so much!


Hi @Scottes777, Awesome job of putting this together! so helpful great work keep it up.:+1: