Android browser UI-bug on “Watch”-button

I have found a ‘‘bug’’ to show.
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005
Android 5 rooted
Tested with the follow browsers
Free adblocker
When i touch this:

Some times it’s open this:

First ‘‘bug’’ this open ‘‘window’’ doesn’t respond to my touch select. If i touch let’s say the Normal he opens what is back of this

Sometimes it opened like that:

You should post this in feedback.
No worries, fixed it for ya.

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This is a Discourse-bug - I’ve reported it to them, linking your post:


I have some luck here with the Boat Browser. You can change UI from android to desktop. It is not work very well but if someones need it and has not a real desktop it helps.

It is the option set UA

I just check again and no need of boat browser.
The bug has fixed.

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