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Angorabbit Vape Cotton--Manufacturer in China


ANGORABBIT VAPE COTTON are professional hi-tech company which is supplying vape cotton, our 1000 acres cotton plant located in China Xinjiang Province, the world famous cotton growing district, we plant, R&D produce and sell the vape cotton. We focus on the hi-level vape cotton with our professional physical and chemical laboratory and a 6000 square meter manufacture base. After seven months researching and testing, our Angorabbit Vape Cotton are published, excellent taste originally, plenty of store up and defecting oil. No smell after 60 seconds burning. Cotton has a longer service life and higher cost efficiency. This Angorabbit Vape Cotton has been recognized by global vapors once available.


Angorabbit vape cotton:
1, No peculiar small. Better to restore the original E-liquids taste;
2, Stay longer time before change cotton. Each burning for 20 seconds, burning for 3 times in a raw, no burning small absolutely.
For video info pls check our test with product highlights:

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Welcome to ELR. Question.

What is your response to the negative feedback found on some of the most popular YouTube reviewers?

What are some of the responses to the questions offered up like why is there an fda label on your packing? And the 5-6 other really good questions?


Anyone who has seen the reviews on this crap by some of the biggest and most respected youtube reviewers (Daniel,DJLSB for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFAIcwvWrew), knows to STAY WELL CLEAR.
Not only have they lied on their packaging, they were also asking to view the videos before they were uploaded in order to approve them, so that if the review was negative they would not allow it to be uploaded.

Apart from that, cotton that doesn’t burn has obviously been treated with chemicals that are probably not great to inhale.


Hmm very interesting reading after a quick google…
@Angorabbit_Cotton, can you explain why certain vendors are carrying your product with a “made in USA” claim on the packaging?


Wow haven’t really heard of this since I don’t really care much about cotton. But getting such backslash from the get go probably doesn’t come outta nowhere


got passed some of this last week I imagine it’s what smoking bleached pubes as wicking tastes like was weird shit


“Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!”


What the fuck is defecting oil?


Hello Chrispdx,
Attaching two statements from SHENZHEN LION ECO-TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD:
The 1st one including some photos about planting base and production plant of Angorabbit and here is the link:
The 2nd one including some qualification certificates and our trademark registration documents submitted in the EU and USA, and here is the link:

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Hello Sir,
Everyone has an opinion and his rights. It’s impossbie to achieve let all people like Angorabbit, SHENZHEN LION ECO-TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD dont and will never ask to review the videos before they were uploaded.
Regard with burn, we mean it can lasts around 20 seconds of burning after juice be added. Burning resistance determines that we dont need to rewick frequently and it can be used more longer.


Hello Booze Wench,


Dear All,

Thanks sincerely all for your attention. For more doubt, pls contact Bob Buckland III(bobbucklandiii@gmail.com). Bob Buckland III is our American dealer and know more details about it.


You have your graphic protected and registered what about this one.


That’s just a piece of paper that anyone could write in Word.
What about Made in USA on the package?
What chemicals are used to stop it burning?

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Hmmm. Respectfully. And I do mean that. As a company representative could you contact your rep and invite them here to comment.

I think that it’s great that you are proud of your product. However, at least speaking for myself, I like it better when the talk is straight. Meaning that when some asks a question about labeling (such as made in the USA or stamped with “fda”) typically I would like a clear answer.

In the diy community we ask for clear, truthful, and integrity in labeling. This way we can make an informed decision.

Providing a circle answer only inflames you USA customer base and creates more negative feelings. I await your us customer service representative…respectfully. @Angorabbit_Cotton


Whats with all the Angorabbit hate? Any cotton that is certified by the ISO, FDA, FCC, CE, and RoHS as well as approved by Bugs Bunny can’t be all that bad. :wink:

After seeing Daniel’s review and rant a few months ago, I gotta admit, the people at @Angorabbit_Cotton are persistent with peddling their BS.


I thought he was a wrestler or summat from the 80’s


Thank you for your response. It seems as though you’re saying that products containing the Angorabbit name with a picture of Bugs Bunny are in fact not affiliated with your company. Is that correct?


lol, you might be thinking of Bob Backlund. :slight_smile: