Aniseed recommendation please

Please recommend a good aniseed flavour. Something akin. To the flavour of licorice root would be awesome and not too obscure a producer. Im in Oz and don’t want to pay more for shipping then the flavour. TIA.


You could try absinthe, very nice anise and licorice.


for anise i would go with flavourart


It depends which direction of Anise you’re trying to go for. Some Anise flavors are the strong old fashioned lozenge type, which I’m told are still the preference in Europe and the UK. Some are sweeter, like American black jelly beans. There’s the Star Anise flavor used in baking, like you might get from many Italian cookies or a Biscotti. Absinthe definitely has the anise top note with some earthy, herbal floral notes. Horehound as a candy is a strong anise flavor with hints of a minty earthy undertone.

Right now I’m loving TPA horehound which is milder on the anise side with dark earthy slightly sweet undertones. The only Anise I’ve tried for DIY is Capella. It’s strong and definitely a black licorice flavor but needs other flavors to sweeten it. This might be a journey of trial and error for you to find exactly the right one for your tastes.

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Something a bit floral, earthy & sweet specifically. I’ll try some of your suggestions. Let me know if anything specific comes to mind.

Floral, earthy, and sweet…
I hate to post another shameless plug, but that describes my GoT:Grey Worm to a T. Absinthe is the hitter in this one:

Looks like a winner s.sound. I’ll definitely order some absinthe to try. When I get a few more flavours I’ll try your recipe. TA