Announcing the winners of the USA/Canada March giveaway!

This is the results of the giveaway for the Americans and the Canadians!

The prizes were sponsored by - so thanks a bunch to those guys!

The prizes are:

  1. Gift card for their shop, in the amount of USD 75!
  2. Gift card for their shop, in the amount of USD 30!
  3. Gift card for their shop, in the amount of USD 30!

I made a little drawing video for you guys:

Congratulations to the winners!

  1. @lovintexasbaby
  2. @redruffensore
  3. @mike31

Congratulations you guys!!! :grinning:

Enjoy folks!

Wow. Thank you. That’s a nice surprise! :grinning:


Awesome thank you so much!!! There were some pretty great recipes posted and I can’t wait to try some of them after I order some new flavors with this gift card! E- liquid - recipes rocks! Thank you again!

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Congrats!! Love the video too. :smile:

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Currently waiting to get the details from ECX :smile: The other competition is almost sorted now :smiley:

Congratulations to the winners! :smile:

Yay ! Congrats y’all :kissing_smiling_eyes::cloud:️:dash:

Congrats to the winners. Ecigexpress is a great place to buy from. Wish I had one won it but there is all ways next time lol. Hope y’all enjoy the great service and products.

Congratulations guys. Spend your money wisely!! ECX has a lot of stuff on their site I recommend their large line of flavor concentrates…

Congrats mate! You deserve something nice for sharing your FLV tasting notes with us all in /r/DIY_ejuice!

Congrats folks, happy mixing! Thanks for the giveaway daath!

Conga-rats to the winners!
Great contest as well - got to see a lot of good recipes.

:checkered_flag: Congratz :checkered_flag:

Congratulations!! :smiley: