Another ban

this is where I live!!!

and I work @ a hospital :persevere::rage::triumph::persevere::rage::triumph:

F#¤% - Sorry to hear it - The phrasing in that article just ticks me off :stuck_out_tongue: Battery operated smoking device?! And they cite lung cancer as a concern? Someone should be beat up with a soggy newspaper :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d like to take the night off from work to show up with all and I mean all the research data that I’ve read to show these fks these uneducated pricks just how stupid they are if I had the night off I’d be there these fools have no idea what they’re gonna rule on I bet not one has even googled any information to educate themselves and I would wipe shit in their face with all the positive data out there!!! I’ll PISSED!!!

and this is more BS !!! I can’t believe how uneducated people are or choose not to be

We haven’t been able to vape in our hospitals here for some time now. A. It’s not a smoking device. They asoom it is because it looks like smoke. And yes it can be harmful to you. If you are able to run your coils way past the usable point. Like 1500 dg. Lol not going to happen.


So much BS. This type of shit doesn’t help anyone.


I saw a sign on my kid’s school that said no smoking including e-cigarettes. I get that at an elementary school, I guess. But guess who else’s school lumps e-cigarettes into cigarettes? Yup…my university. Fortunately for the moment it’s just the typical “25 feet away from doors” thing, but they’re talking about banning everything from campus outright. I’d like to see how well that’s enforced. Stupid can’t be helped, but willful ignorance is infuriating.


I guess I’m really lucky (for the time being) as my agency prohibits our clients from smoking in their homes but is 100% agreeable to vaping indoors. Makes case management meetings much more enjoyable.

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