Another City banning flavors ( maybe )

Shame on Chicago and its leaders , at least let the people vote

Chicago Proposes An E-Liquid Flavor Ban

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Your heading should have read “Another city proposing to ban flavors”.

They’re only (proposing) banning the selling flavored e-juice. DIYing and vaping nice flavors won’t be affected.

They’ll probably say its all about the kids! Makes you think they want Chicago kids to use tobacco flavored e-cigs as a gateway to cheaper real cigarettes (followed later by a horrible slow death).


Chicago has WAAAAAY more things to worry about. It’s laughable that they would think they need to protect anyone from vaping.


While it is not a trend I like to see…
I ask …Who is buying vape juice in Chicago?

With the various taxes to be paid there it can cost $15-20 (or more) per 30ml bottle …Just In Taxes!

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  1. All tobacco products must be sold in their original factory-wrapped packaging, except for cigars and pipe tobacco.  Fines for violations of this section shall increase to $1,000 - $5,000 for a first offense, and $2,500 - $10,000 for second and subsequent offenses. Taxes imposed on “Other Tobacco Products” (OTP) including cigars, pipe tobacco, smokeless tobacco, and smoking tobacco took effect July 1, 2016, as follows:

a. $1.80 per ounce of smoking tobacco;
b. $0.60 per ounce of pipe tobacco;
c. $0.20 per little cigar; and
d. $0.20 per large cigar.

Beginning October 10, 2016, all coupons and other discounts on tobacco products will be banned. Violation of the ban on coupon and other discounts has been added to the list of tobacco violations which will subject the licensee to a revocation or a non-renewal of a license upon the 3rd violation in a 24-month period.

The following minimum prices for tobacco products are NOT in effect. If the OTP tax is challenged in court and invalidated, the Municipal Code of Chicago will require retailers to sell the following tobacco products at prices no lower than the following:

Cigarettes - $11.50 per package

Little Cigars - $11.50 per package

Large Cigars - $1.36 each

Non-Pipe Smoking Tobacco - $11.29 per ounce

Smokeless Tobacco - $4.94 per ounce

Pipe Tobacco - $4.56 per ounce


Jeebus…I don’t know what to say to this. Frightening stats. But at least the killings are down. Good job Emanuel!

Sarcasm is something I offer for free.



The bans are not what everyone thinks. Not much to do with teens or health reasons as most ppl believe.

After all you can still get flavored e-cig products from manufacturers sites no problems at all.

Which leaves one reason only… keeping crime rates down. Petty robberies, snatch and grabs in gas stations and retail stores, ppl running out the door with flavored e-cigs, is probably the real issue. All these crimes are reported, crime rates go up leaders look bad.

Another reason not tell anyone you know that you can make flavored e-juice, they might just want to grab your stash.

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Holy cow that is more than for all of Australia

414 victims in 2017

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Crime is what I truly believe its all about.