Another Discourse glitch... (showing edits when there are none)

The instant it was posted… (screenshot within seconds)

I waited 4-5 days to see if they might have cleared the bug, but it’s still happening on occasion.

/EDIT but meanwhile, I do a normal edit here (as usual, under the 5m cutoff), and it doesn’t show as being edited. Go figure. :laughing:

/EDIT #2
Good luck to them in hunting this one down!


Actually mate I just reread what you wrote and revised my answer cause it was something else.

The posts now are auto edited by the system if you quote someone’s entire post. it came in a few months ago


Ahhh. Thank you!


this isnt on discorse??? happened here right now @Sprkslfly

I did not remove the quotes… I think the code has a monkey messing around…

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