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Another MAJOR leap in gaming graphics on the horizon

Just saw this new demo for Unreal Engine 5 (slated for 2021).

I could care less about the PS5 aspect, because as always, console hardware is obsolete in a year at most (typically). But this means it’s obviously time to start saving for a new GPU. :laughing:

Hopefully by 2022 there will be some games worth playing (using this engine)… I don’t know about many of the other older pc gamers here around my age (45-55), but I honestly haven’t seen that many titles in the last 5 years (probably closer to 10) that I got genuinely excited about.
Though Rocket League turned out to be a fantastic bit of fun!

It also makes me wonder if the crew at ID might have something in the works. :thinking:
Or are they truly defunct?

(I miss the [H] for keeping up on news like this.)


Wow! I wonder how it will look with RTX on :smiley: heheh


That looks pretty impressive @Sprkslfly. I remember when the original unreal engine (unreal tournament) was released. Ground breaking, and they got a lot of mileage out of it.


That looks so sick! @Sprkslfly But it’s showing uncompressed/non-processed graphic elements and on cinamatic setting, which I guess may push a 50GB game to well over 1 TB game download. I could imagine… even now with Unreal 4 I see people complaining all the time about complex scenes dropping frame rate even on high end systems down to sub 10-15 FPS. Hope they make it work out.

Ive been a hugh fan of the CryEngin - don’t know what it is - but they just give it a feel for me that I like when playing. I can always tell when I’m playing something using the Crytech engin. Then there’s also the Unity Engin, which is pretty fantastic also. One of the biggest things I look for and love are games that have enviromental destruction like in the “Battlefield” game franchise. Pretty sure the use Unreal 4, but I think it also has to do with the over all game programming, is upped a few notches.

Same here but …Man I hope the prices on GPU start getting more Real and not Unreal. They so expensive!!! :star_struck:

Thanks I’ll check it out!!! A few informative videos below.

Game Engine Trailers and Showcases - GDC 2019 [UNITY, UNREAL ENGINE, CRYENGINE]




How far it’s come …


You and I both bud! :wink:
To me, that was the Golden Era of pc gaming!
Which carried through to Q3A, and ended a bit after CoD 2, and BF1942. chuckles

Possible, but let’s hope not! :flushed:

Too many variables to comment really. But again, Battlefield lost its appeal for me after 1942, and CoD after #2 (no ‘modern warfare’ stuff here, as I’m not/wasn’t spending $50 or more on a damned video game lol).

Far Cry was pretty bad assed for it’s day, but not sure what else has used its engine offhand.

They probably got that from the team that produced the very first game that had a destructible environment (which holds a special place for me, as that was another major turning point in gaming IMO): Silent Storm


:rofl: Well played! And I completely agree.