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Another Nic Salt Question


I am about to pick up a small batch of Nic Salts. My question is… Where should I buy from?

I haven’t checked a lot of places to find it but I see it at NR and Wizard Labs. NR has two kinds. One is smooth and the other is formulated to have more of a throat hit, which sounds good to me.

Wizard Labs, looks to only have one type.

I am open to suggestions. ie. I can shop at any vendor as long as they have good nic.


Dan…I have the smooth from NR…its good…did not want the throat hit…I also got some of the CNT from LB…prob the best nic i have gotten…but pricey…when they first got it a few months ago…had a pecial of like 30 or 40% off…so jumped on it…not sure if they had the throat hit one…it all depends on the acid they use an how much…

But I also find my flavors mix better with salts…it may have some thing to do with it being the nic being more on the acid side as free base is more alkali…

but one thing to know…the nic does get in the blood faster…lol…i got nic high a few times when i first used it…even at 3mg…cant chain vape with it…lol…

good luck in what u get…I am a convert now…best nic i have used…


Alan, just out of curiosity…how long did it take for your NR order to arrive?


Thank you @AlanS I’ll check out LB, though I do require my throat hit. I do have a question though…


i am on east coast…took 8 or 9 days to reach me…when i order nic from NR…i do in mid winter…so nic is not taking a long journey in a summer heated truck…8 days in a box trailer at close to 125F in there in the sun…not good for nic…LB was 2 days when shipped…


I doubt they are shipping it in a dry van, more than likely it will be shipped in a reefer unit. I have personally shipped Barrels of Nicotine and it had to be kept between 58* and 63ish* Fahrenheit though I don’t quite remember exactly what the temps were. Not only that, it needs to be shipped Hazmat and extra care was taken.

I am not sure if it can be shipped non Hazmat if there is very little [comparatively] of the chemical. So I think I may have written the above paragraph for nothing, but I am not erasing it. It took considerable brain power, of which I have little, to write it. So it probably does come in a dry van. :grin:

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I like LNW but NR smooth is good as well.


I mean an order from NR…lol…a box with your nicotine order in it …rides in a fed ex box…for 8 days before it gets to you…lol…not bulk shipping…


Just out of curiosity, why switch to salts if you still want throat hit? I recently switched to salts, but the sole reason was because with freebase I can’t go over 2-3mg nic before it makes me cough, and I’ve been feeling some mtl squonk rda’s when I’m out and about places I don’t wanna blow giant clouds. With salts I am running 8mg nic on my two mtl squonkers and I don’t have to vape half the bottle like I did at 2-3mg lol.


I am not switching or I should say I don’t plan on switching but I have purchased some small nicsalt liquids and I have come to enjoy waking up and taking a few puffs off of my nicsalt device and like you said, I don’t have to take as many puffs or if I am out and about it a public place I can take a puff or two and that holds me for a good while.