Another problem sorry, leaking

I’m having another problem with my dyi juice, I got my fave dyi liquid sorted so I have ,y all day vape. I’ve started putting it in my kangertech nebox but every time it leaks from the bottom. Store bought eliquid I don’t have any leaking problems, in fact my kangertech nano leaks more. I’ve tried changing the coil etc etc and it’s still leaking.
It’s almost like my dyi juice is flooding the coil. Feeling really confused. I’m using 70vg30pg in my mixes so similar to the store bought ones which usually I get 80/20 ones.
Should I just try mixing at 80/20 or? I can’t think what else could be the problem because as soon as I switch the juice bk to store bought it stops leaking

You could switch. But the other thing is to consider… How old is the tank? The gaskets do wear out. The other part is…have you increased the amount you are vaping? Now that you can make 30mls for a buck you can afford to vape all day. Sometimes you get some collection of juice at the base. And that collection will leak out the air intake holes. This collection does happen and it means I need to clean up the tank.

It’s about 2-3 months. i don’t think I can change the tank in a nebox? But I clean it out with water and leave it to dry out for a day or two every 1-2 weeks. I have been using my nebox a lot more then my other ones because it holds 10ml and it’s been about 5 days of continuous use so I will clean it out to see if it helps. Just confused by the fact it’s not happening with store bought juice

If 80/20 store bought does not leak I would try doing your DIY 80/20 first and go from there

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@wvsanta nice to see you back my friend. Hope all’s ok with you. Did you get your vision sorted out?

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Thanks @Pattie not yet so not on a lot yet but it is a little more tolerable for now. For now it looks like cataract surgery scheduled for the end of May and then go from there. Good news is there was no damage to the retina like they originally thought.

Good to hear my friend. No damage is great news for you and i hope all goes well for your surgery. Thoughts and prayers go out to you and yours buddy. It will be great to have you back up and running again.
We’re always here and I’ll be watching for you.
Take it easy my friend. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::dash::dash::dash:


How much water or Vodka are you using in your mixes? Go Max VG.

As others have stated try max vg. The nebox has a reputation for leaking. Have heard it called the leak box. When I have a tank that leaks I turn it upside down.

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I don’t use any alcohol unless it where in one of the flavours. Water in my mix none. Pg30. If I’m cleaning it out with water I fill it half way then tip it out and repeat. I will try max vg, would I need to increase the flavours to do this or?

I’ve heard the nebox called the leaky box too but mine hasn’t leaked at all until I put my dyi stuff in it. The only time it has leaked is if I put it upside down or on its side lol which I’ve heard people been told to do to stop the leaking. If mine is the right way up it doesn’t leak, it’s only when I put my stuff in it which is starting to get frustrating now

I found some helpful info for ya:

To stop leaking… You can try putting an o-ring from a 510 driptip onto the chimney above the coil. And for spitting issues… when firing… Just blow into your driptip initially until you see vapor (purging), then inhale as normal. I’ve heard that new neboxes have an o-ring installed on the chimney, and that new coils have a bigger seal although I’ve yet to see them anywhere. Hope this helps some of you, I think the nebox is awesome.” - from a customer at

"I’ve had my NEBOX for 5 months now, had issues with leaking, but i did some research and turns out it was just operator error and not the mod itself, have have no problems since, I love my NEBOX and think it was def worth the money, word to the wise, if your going to use this mod do a little research before you use it, make sure you are buying the correct atomizers or properly building your RBA. make sure you tighten with a Quarter or Nickel and not just finger tighten, DO NOT leave it standing upright, set it on its side with the battery vent facing up, also using it on a low wattage can cause leaks. hope some of these tips help some of you" - another customer review from

“I should be the Kangertech man of the year. I have owned every tank thus far in every watt battery you’ve made. The Nebox is tight. The leaking issue can be fixed by noot fillling the entire tank up. The down weight is too much. Try 3/4 full. Secondly I enjoy the new Ni200 coils. I vape so much that they only last me three days…” - partial quote from customer

I was a victim of a leaky tank once as well. It was the Aspire Triton v1. The damned think felt so sturdy in my hands, like a Sherman Tank…just wonderful. It was also asthetically pleasing, really nice looking. But then I put liquid in it…

about 5 minutes into vaping I noticed a little on the outide of the tank when I played with the air hole adjustments, then more started coming out…then there was liquid on the tank, on my mod, on my hands, on the cat…

I’m still traumatized :smiling_imp:.

In all seriousness, I feel your pain, I hope this helps.

btw …10mL’s??? Did I hear that correctly? Are there any other tanks out there with this capacity (that don’t leak)? I am all set to buy the TFV4 as it holds 5mL’s and I was all excited about it. This 2.5mL’s I get on my Arctic just ain’t gonna cut it.

one more tip that was different:

"I fixed my leaking by pressing it in a vice so i no longer have a little lip near the mouth piece it is flush now I reckon its a manufacturing issue as it pushed the tube inside down meaning it’s further into the coil and straight hope this helps whoever tries." - review at

Hey thank you for this, I will def try the o ring tip. And yep 10mls lol though more 8ml seems to be better then the full 10mls. But this is y I love it. It goes all day before I have to refill. I do prefer the low wattage so I can increase it abit to see if that helps too.

When you go max VG the answer for me personally is yes, I increase my flavors - and increase the steep time.

But I also don’t use any added PG beyond what would be in some of the flavorings.

I cut my VG with distilled water and vodka before I mix with the flavors. I also heat and gas off any alcohol because I like a very smooth throat hit and I cant tolerate PG.

It may not have started leaking because of the thickness of the liquid, it may have started leaking because of a chemical reaction, a small foreign object in a seal or it may have been waiting to happen. You may have just gotten a bad tank. (Hope I am not copying others here - forgive me)

I have one Aspire tank that starts leaking like a sieve when the temp goes up above 75 degrees :grin: no idea why - but it does.

Good luck! I was happy to help…though be advises none of that is verified by me personally…so…I am just repeating what I find.

I am thrilled as hell to know that there are tanks that big out there. I feel like I am refilling my little 2.5 Arctic every 5 mins. some days.

Lemme know how it works out. \m/\m/

Well I live in FL so if that’s the answer I am buggered. LOL. In the summer time it never goes below 80 here, even at night…more like 90 if you factor in humidity.

Thanks tho

Its just that one tank.:slight_smile:

Well I’m confused lol, max vg on its own leak leak leak, back to store bought no leaking, switched to mine leaking like a tap. On the plus side it stopped after 4 mins and hasn’t leaked since. So I dunno what is going on. It’s weird. Ordered o rings so I will see how that goes when they arrive. Love my nebox but this is just weird. It must be coincidence because I can’t imagine there’s that much difference between the liquid.
Will update when the o rings arrive. I can’t find the newer version of the nebox either which sucks because I want the mint green one lol

I think you have a bad tank.

Maybe, it’s been fine for 3 months though, hopefully the o rings fix it. It’s not leaking atm with my juice in it, it does for 4 mins like a tap and then it stops. Atleast it is stopping now lol it’s alittle bit less annoying, I cleaned it all out and made sure the coil was in properly etc. I will just buy a new one if it comes to that, I’m still looking for the mint green one anyway lol

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