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Another update: Use pre-mixed vape ready base!

Hey guys!

I was seeing a few people wanting to use pre-mixed vape-ready nicotine base. Basically just wanting to add flavors and that’s it. Well now there is a nice checkbox at the bottom of the recipe input that says “Use vape-ready nicotine base”. Check this and you can see the result below. You cannot add PG or VG to this. You can read off the resulting strength and the PG/VG-ratio of your liquid and that’s it.

You might have to clear your browser cache to use it!

Happy vaping!



Thank you.:sunglasses:

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Am I nuts or is there a glitch. 10mls to make is showing as 20mls in the final and cutting the nic level in half.

Hmm, I just checked. Something is definitely off! I’m gonna look into it!

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Force reload or clear cache and it should look better :slight_smile: Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

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I just realized this today while browsing my recipes! Excellent addition to the site as well as the option to create folders now. Stoked. Thank you very much!


Sorry, I couldn’t find the date change in announcements, so I just wanted to ask here. My recipes always start out private, with usually private notes until I get them how I want, and then eventually make them public, with the new date system does this mean it won’t show up as new on the list? Just wondering because I rarely ever make a recipe public after creating.

That is unfortunately correct. I will fix this in the near future by saving the date it was first made public…

Oh piddles. Well, that’s ok, I was just wondering. I can make it work,
maybe I’ll just delete the recipe once it’s all steeped and changed, and
copy and paste my notes. Thanks for all you do Lars! I know it’s heavy
tending to all this, and I really appreciate all the work you put in.

Yes, you could adapt it, then make the adaptation public - It should retain your private notes, since you own the original :slight_smile: Then delete the old one afterwards…

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You know I wasn’t sure if it would mess up the adapted recipe, but I did think of doing that, I just thought I would somehow mess it up by deleting the OG. But, if you recommend it then it’s obviously the way to go. Thanks darlin!

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It will not work for me. No matter what I have done I get this screen . I use 6mg nic in 100 VG

Hmmm, OK. I will take a look and fix it a bit later!

It works before you save it, correct?

Yes it looks good

It wasn’t actually meant to be saved and displayed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But I can extend it so that it will do that :wink:

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ok no problems. Thanks for all you do to improve the site :+1:

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