Any black friday vape deals?

any know any super sales on any vape sites for black friday

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Black Friday is still 18 days out, but did a “Why wait for Black Friday 40% off Juice” sale last weekend, so some folks are ramping it up already.


Nude Nicotine has 30% off their Nic until Sunday Nov. 22nd coupon code is PreBlackFriday30
of course I got this news letter the day after my Nic arrived ( always that way ) Anyhow I’d hated to waste it ! They don’t give discounts all that often

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thanks liquid barn is having 40% EVERYTHING starting friday thru cyber monday use code BLACKFRIDAY

Nude nicotine has 40% off til Nov. 29th

Coupon is DontTrampleOnMe40

Starts Thursday.

Anyone know where to get some cheap bottles? Looking for 10 ml bottles because 30mls for a test batch seems too big.
Also any pg/vg sales?

I use these 15 ml glass bottles.
Boston Round Bottles, 1/2 Oz Pack of 12

Do you think I could find a better deal because it’s Black Friday? That’s not a lot of money but yeah. And do you just use a dropper to dispense them?

You didn’t specify glass, plastic or droppers. I just posted what I use for test batches. There are a ton on Amazon and I find them to be cheaper than vendors glass bottles. I use a pipette to dispense them. They are free shipping also. Some other vendors charge $8.50 + shipping. What type are you looking for? Maybe I can find another type.

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Or if you want plastic this deal is hard to beat…

EDIT: If you select 10ml the price comes out to $19.94 for 100 bottles and free shipping.

I purchased these a few weeks ago…

And I also bought the 30ml purple bottles they sell. They are shipped from China in a large plastic bag, but they are beautiful bottles. The only thing is the purple bottles are tamper evident.

Both these bottles are the same seller and I highly recommend them.

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I don’t know if they are having a Black Friday deal or not, but is having a sale on Flavourart right now that is wicked good!


I will be buying 24 of the glass bottles. Thank you for your help! Also I suppose I will be buying some pipettes!

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That is a really good deal! I will have to order those sometime down the line!

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15% off this weekend only this is where I get my Delosi flavors. But it’s on everything !

Nicotine labs coupon code is automatically applied at checkout !!!


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How are you liking those Delosi flavors?

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Love em’ ! My favorites are strawberry watermelon banana honey melon and now thanks to @ringling mocha they’re all pretty much tasty but I didn’t like the fruity pebbles or the fruit punch too chemically tasting. % wise would be on the lines of TFA.

Thanks. I will give them a try!

Thank you Amy2 just order from nude nic. And saved 22$ thank you

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