Any Canadians out there?

Been to Montreal once it’s a beautiful city but the drivers are insane. I watched two people get out of their cars at a major intersection to yell at each other and tying up traffic. It was pretty funny.

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English is just as common as French in Montreal , you could also try Gatineau , it borders Ottawa and has lots of English people .

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Hello from Toronto, everyone!

Vancouver BC

My favourite place.

Hello Canadians! Just in case you haven’t seen it, there’s a thread started about the new vaping legislation that’s before the senate.

Hope to hear everyone’s opinions on it!

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Shameless plug, I’ve been working on this for about a year and sharing my experience with those browsing this forum.

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Hopefully :wink:

Hi from Montreal. I am a new member and just mixed my first recipes yesterday.
Thank you for sharing your recipes and your knowledge, It gave me the confidence to try it out.


Welcome to the forum! Enjoy your stay :smile:


I know im late to the party but def Canadian
Southern Ontario

Are you aware of Bill S 5?

However it seems that since the last reading they are going in a better direction than was previously forcasted.
Its still going to be a year or 2 before anything is set on stone but its definatly somthing to keep tabs on.

my concern is the wording in the bill. It says any “inspector” can enter “Any” place. It says if suspected of manufacturing a warrant cam be obtained by a simple phone call. Ie even if you have a huge stash and it is personal your door could be kicked in? Arrested for having flavorings? It mentions your “conveyance” (vehicle) can be siezed also. They say “conveyance” because a motor vehicle in legal terms is actually an automobile used for business and commerce and not simple transportation. See “Freeman movement” and common law.

Yes that wording does have me concerned aswell but i understand why they did that aswell.

They are just making sure they have sufficent safe guards inplace to combat a “black market”.

The goverments biggest fear is that somthing will be sold for a profit without taxes being paid.

The reason drugs are such a concern isnt because of how harmful they are, its because millions of dollars in taxes are being missed each day .

But also there are still a few more steps involved in this process so nothing is set in stone yet.

My advice is if you intend to sell retail
-start banking money for all the permits
-redesign labels to be somwhat bland and edit wording for flavors ect
-start reading up on iso certification
-get a buisness licence and pay your taxes

  • print out msds on all your flavors and ingredients
    -obtain tracability docs on everything that goes into the juice (including the bottle)
  • establish a QC regime and be methodical about it
  • keep records on everything

Note **
Once a legal entity you can stay in the R&D phase for ever if needed … Which gives you just cause for manufacter just not retail sale.
Periodically send samples to 3rd party labs to be analyzed and keep the reports ect

No matter how you look at it we’re in for a shit show. But the best thing we can do is prepare in the meantime.

I doubt you will get raided for personal use just as most police look the other way with personal cannabis plants ect.

I think the wording is more aimed at keeping tabs on stores. To make sure they arent stocking un approved brands labels ect.

This is a topic im concerned about aswell.
But i am just doing my best to plan ahead.
i started Vici Vapes so that if i do sell i can pay my taxes proactively.

Well im rambling now lol
So il stop here

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Greetings fellow canuck. Bancroft Ontario here.

I love bancroft
Used to go to baptiste lake every summer @ birchcliff lodge
Miss it soo much

Right on man. Cool stuff. Were going to be opening a vape shop one day. Pipe dream maybe.

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Hi fellow Canucks!!
Been mixing for a while now and thought i would see if anybody else was from the area.
Any one from around Magog QC or Ayer’s Cliff QC?

Waterloo , Ontario , Canada…Close to the home of Toronto Blue Jays…yeah!