Any Canadians out there?

Am I the only Canadian here ?


I believe @sublime is Canadian - there’s probably a lot more. Out of the woodwork people :smile:

I’m English but my wife and kids are Canucks. :smile:

Ah sorry, but you were live there, right? :smile: I remember you complaining about Canadian customs :smile:

Yep, currently in Alberta. Not so much Customs, but HC making Customs seize e-liquid that only has 12mg of nic in it. :frowning:

Ok so one Englishman living in Canada. That’s Canadian enough for me !Yes Canadian customs sucks badly

Hi there I live in Halifax, NS!

Right on ! How’s the weather out there ?

I actually thought it would be good to know all the Canadians here so we if we wanted we could trade gear or juices or unwanted flavourings in the new trade section

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Hey, just a thought, but if the FDA screws things up in this country, maybe we will have to visit our cousins to the North.

Come all ye vapers!! I’m sure we will follow suit tho

Hello from the west coast! Another beautiful day here in Kamloops, BC. :slight_smile:

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Hey Patti! Welcome !!

We had freezing rain here this morning now the sun is shining and it’s beautiful!

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Ontario here. Hey everybody.

Hey Tommy , where in Ontario …I’m in Pembroke ,Ontario …near Ottawa

Kitchener Waterloo area. My father was from Renfrew, I’m familiar with your neck of the woods.

Ya …my red neck of the woods ! Not a decent vape shop for 200 kms

HI MixedUp1, I’m also Canadian. Windsor Ontario here. Just getting into DIY juice making. Cya around sometime.

Hey Bam welcome . Good place to be if ya need advice . Lots of weathered pros to he’ll you out ( I’m not among them ) .I’ve only been mixing for 5 months but I’ve made lots of good juice with the help of this site

Hi @MixedUp1, I live 3 hours directly south of you in Brighton, ON!


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