Any ELR Members Living In Thailand?

Yeah, how come I’m asking this question? Well, I’m just curious as to how fellow vapers get around the law if they’re living in the LOS. Why? Basically I’ve been making (serious) plans over the last 10 years on eventually moving there to live (and more than likely die). There’s something about the place that strikes an “emotional” chord with me.

Even though I can’t speak or read a lot of Thai, it just feels like “home” to me. As soon as I walk out on the street and take my first whiff of the air and hear the noises, I’m in another place. It’s sort of weird, but Thailand feels more like “home” than Australia does.

Yeah, I’m an Aussie, born and bred. Don’t get me wrong, I love my country but I love Thailand too. Without boring you too much, the bottom line is that there’s nothing and no-one here in Australia that’s keeping me from leaving. Age is slowly creeping up on me so the decision has been made to make the move within the next 5 years at the very latest.

I have an “action plan” all worked out whereby I can supplement the cash I will have at my disposal so no problems there. My only problem I can see is getting around the current vaping laws that exist at the moment, if that is even possible. I do have one solution (other than moving to Vietnam that is) that I would like some feedback on from any members currently living in LOS.

What I was thinking of doing was moving to Thailand (specifically CM or CR) without any of my vape gear. No mods. No tanks. No juice. No flavors. No nothing. Seems pointless if customs are gonna (possibly) confiscate it. What I’d do is get back on the stinkies (I am NOT looking forward to that :angry: but it will only be a short term thing) until I can settle into my accommodation and then start ordering all my gear again online and having it delivered to my house. I have various contacts/links in Thailand so not worried about that side of it at all. As long as I vape at home there should be no reason for the BIB to hassle me.

I regularly “lurk” on a Thai forum (which I’m a member of as well but not commented on for ages, sorry guys) to keep up-to-date on the situation and notice that it’s not getting any better. If there’s anyone here who are also on Thailand Vapers, let me know eh?

Due to the strict non-vaping situation, I haven’t been to Thailand for 2 years! Not only is it doing my head in but it’s making me sad. :cry: I miss the place sooo much I’m aching. Anyone living in LOS who can set my mind at ease is most (very) welcome to respond. Any help/comments greatly appreciated. Khop kun krap…


@Ronni lives in Thailand


The main problem is in general lack of laws, unless they actually changed that since i cared to look into it last time. That means that vaping is actually not illegal by law, but the problem is that some make up laws as they please. So they are handing out fines to people vaping, so something you would try to avoid doing it obviously in public places. It is by law not legal to import or sell vape related products in Thailand, and you can get charged with 10 years of prison many will claim but in fact, something you can get up to 30 years in prison for, because it will fall under the law of importing/selling without taxation. These are the cases of bulk imports for reselling.

So yes, you better just arrive without any vape gear at all. You can order with day to day delivery from several different websites, so better not import.

It seem like cannabis medicine is very close to become legalised here. Many of the people at the seminars who has been trying to get that legalised is the same who at the seminars are advocating for vaping too, so i try to be hopeful but i also know how slow things can go here.

Anyway, if you plan to just vape at home you shouldnt have any issues. I even heard cops claim that you cannot vape in public but it is ok at home. Such claims and many different claims are the cause of lack of actual laws while they try to make it seem as if it is by law illegal. Most important is that if you ever get caught vaping, then you got everything from within Thailand, as a gift.

Personally i do not import anything directly vape related, but you can get everything within the country. If you are gonna end up being in need of contact for nicotine, then throw me a private message, because it can be the most difficult thing to find here and something you want to avoid importing.

It is currently a mess and a shame that we have to become criminals to make use of a more healthy alternative to smoking.

I hope you can live your dream and that you will have good fortune in Chiang mai/Chiang rai.


Thanks for the quick response mate, much appreciated.

Ha-Ha, yeah, that’s the “Thai way” (as we both know) but I’m OK with that. I understand why they do this but as long as I keep a low profile, it shouldn’t impact too often (fingers crossed).

Tell the BIB that and pay the fine. :grin: Sage advice, I’ll keep that in mind. Actually, that’s going into my relocation “notebook” I keep all my helpful hints and snippets in. Thanks bro’.

Yeah, the contacts/links I mentioned are all in Thailand. That way I can avoid getting supplies confiscated at the border (ha-ha).

Would definitely need to get some nicotine. And yes will absolutely hit you up sometime in the future if I can’t get my hands on some from the TV vendors. Thanks for that mate. This is going in the “notebook” too. :grin:

I’m gonna try my best to make this happen for sure. This little situation here is the last piece of the puzzle that needs fixing. Thanks again for the advice my friend. All the best to you and yours…


No problem mate.

Should you have any specific questions then feel free to throw them at me either here, as private message or catch me on the ELR discord.


Sawadee Khrap!


Good luck for the future, @Dardy !