Any experience with CBD?

well i was wondering if anyone of you had experience with CBD…

i had my first experiences like a week ago, and i seriously like it… tbh it’s a very bad period for me, i am depressed and have troubles with anxiety right now… the thing is that vaping 60mg CBD juice keeps me calm and it helps me a lot with these problems… thing is even if i don’t know if this is really addictive i am already kinda addicted to it,i don’t know if this is because of CBD but i had really a long time to feel in anyway calm and i seriously like it…

what’s your experience with it if you have any?


@Ken_O_Where and @robin may be able to speak to it.

Personally I haven’t used it


I have some in an oral tincture and some in a vape. It’s definitely helpful in a lot of ways. The oral is more effective for a major dose all at once. The vape is more for maintaining throughout the day.

The substance itself isn’t addictive in the same way crack or opiates would be but the effect of easing your symptoms is emotionally addictive the way Haagen Dazs is to some people, only healthier I’m sure, lol.


thank you very much sir :slight_smile:


I have been using CBD for 4 years now. Very Effective.
I have used it in Tincture form, Vape, Gum, Edibles, Topical …
Great anti-anxiety and anti inflammation


You’re quite welcome ma’am. :+1:


Exactly what @Mizzz_Z_Hobbit said. CBD and CBDA are not addictive. There aren’t psychoactive properties in CBD. I’ve been using CBD on and off for years, more recently in vaping. I use it in tinctures, salves, and foods. The benefits still amaze me at times. Ive never had a issue with dependence, withdrawal or rebound effects.


One member of my family uses it for health reasons and seems to like it’s stabilization properties. It may be healthier than a lot of traditional big pharma solutions.


My 86-year mum uses cbd since she was diagnosed with cancer of the lung. Not only have her symptoms improved but it seems to have stopped the tumour growing. She takes it in capsule form …

I’m presenttly experimenting with vaping CBD for various health issues of mine, including nerve pain and seizures. It certainly helps with the nerve pain, and does seem to reduce the frequency of seizures (but that’s kinda hard to assess, since I live alone, and am not always conscious of the seizures)

My only problem with CBD is the freaking cost!


ops :stuck_out_tongue: too much cbd… soz :stuck_out_tongue:


ye… the cost unfortunately is too high to afford… i don’t know if you’re living in US … but 10mls of it with a good decent amount of CBD (like 60mg) costs like 20E… just vaping for like 40 mins


I have been using CBD oil (non vape/lingual) for about 2 months and it has definitely helped me with my anxiety and stress. As well as helping me sleep through the night.


Where do you Live ?


England. You don’t know a nice cheap local souce do you? (Actually, this is also complicated by my PG allergy :(.
Most CBD vape juice has PG in it, same as normal vape juice,)


CBD brothers


CBD is hard to dissolve in VG. You can buy isolate form isodiol and make vape liquids your self. You will need a small amount of PG to dilute the CBD. I now use a 20% dilution in my vape juice.
CBD brothers have some really Good concentrate. You can make tinctures and salves. The only downside is that they do not provide lab results. So there is no way to tell if the THC levels fall below legal levels. Because of this i do not use them anymore but if THC isnt a concern, you should check thenm out.


thanks :slight_smile: Actually I jhave checked out CBD bros, cos they have a really solid reputation. And that’s where my Mum gets her CBD from (and she thoroughly researched it first)
I’m not really worried about THC, but I am concerned about the cost, especially considering that research thus far indicates that you need a really high dosage to have an impact on seizures.
I did look into DIY, but I don’t fel really competent to do that, and also it didn;'t look like saving me much money, if at all sigh


This is a problem but I have an idea, completely untested though so bear in mind.

1 Gram of the isolate is a really small amount. You could try the following. Put the isolate in a small beaker and add one mil of distilled water until the isolate is moistened. Then add another mil. Mix this all with a sterile instrument like the end of a pipette or a syringe needle until it’s an even consistency. Then add a mil of VG. and mix. Repeat this 1 mil - mix until you’ve got 10 mils of CBD infused VG but it’s going to have a certain % of distilled water. This is just a variation of how I mix my CBD vapes.

A lot of people use distilled water up to 5% in their mixes to thin their VG so it would take some math… (Which I’m in no condition to attempt right now, lol) But with the right ratio I’m sure you could get the dose you want into the distilled water/VG mix.

OMG! WHERE IS @Ken_O_Where! He’s the one who knows all this stuff.


Here is some info on which raw materials are best for seizures if you decide to make your own tinctures.


so, in what way does it vary?
i tend to mix in up to 10% DW, dep[ending on consisency of VG. It can vary considerably, depending on supplier.
But anyway, I’d have that 10% already with first ml, if I’m making up a 10 ml batch. Looks like you’ve vaped a bit too much of that THC , Mizzz_Z :rofl:
NP. I can work out the proprtions, no sweat :slight_smile:

Oh! where is @ken_O_where? indeed :rofl: