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Any experience with nic salts from Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers?


Just a question to everyone here. Has anyone tried to make their own salts. I’ve been reading up about it and it seems pretty simple as is tracking down the pure benzoic acid for making a solution. I’ve got so much freebase in the freezer it seems a shame to pay more for salts.


I have bought a litre from them in the past and it was very clean. Freebase though…it had a very slight yellow tinge but was odourless and a fantastic vape…they’re really helpful guys too.


Wow, that’s way too advanced for me. I would probably poison myself.


Yes i’m actually pretty careful about this sort of thing but when I saw how simple it actually is. The recipe i’ve been reading was taken directly from the patent for juul.


I’ve thought about it but doubt that I’ll try it unless the FDA bans them for some reason.


Here is a link to the patent

The examples of Preparation of Nicotine Salt Formulations start at page 20
seem’s like a simple method . Every example uses different ingredients ? :thinking:


Yes I know there are differing ingredients. Basically it’s the acid that is needed but you need different strength solutions according to which base chemical you use. Citric or benzoic acid for example. The process seems very simple just abmaterr of mixing your nicotine base with your chosen solution and there are your salts.

The experiment I have been reading tried both acids and there was more success with the benzoic. I certainly don’t think this is anything to worry about trying though… I think I’m going to give it a go. What we could do with is a method for titrating the resulting solution so as to check strength etc.


thanks pls post your results , comments :+1:


You cannot titrate nic salts - it is impossible to acid titrate and acid solution (as I am sure you know) - the only way to test is with a gas chromatograph or make sure your maths is spot on (if you are making your own).


Dammit, I just let the kid take the gas chromatograph with her to college! Guess I have to keep buying my salts from vendors.


Ya i’m in a similar situation I left mine in a pocket of my other pants :crazy_face:


You have more than one pair of pants? Rich people :wink:


Thanks woftam…yes and I won’t be getting a gas chromatograph any time soon. It’s going to have to be the accurate recipe method. I don’t think there is any danger here but it would be nice to actually test how much of your freebase is being converted to salts so that we could play around with the ratio’s given in the patent.

Sorry I keep answering late on this but i’m in France so i guess its the time difference.

Ps. I’ve found a refurbished gas chromatograph for $ 9000 :wink:


Mines still in the storage locker of my basement recumbent DNA lab. Have to dig it out and see if it still works. (Assuming of course I can get by the strange glowing goo on the floor.)