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Any experience with nic salts from Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers?


LNW are the only company that will ship 100mg nic salts to my neck of the woods, and I ordered a liter. Once it arrived, I got a yellow liquid that smells exactly like freebase nic that I used to use in the past.

Does anyone have any experience with LNW nic salts?

If yes, what is it supposed to look/smell like?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


No experience with the LNW brand Sorry hopefully someone else does. I didn’t see anything on their site, because of an error on their page. But the company I ordered from last time has this to say. Mine isn’t yellow, it, just a slight hint of coloration and no oder I can pick out, but mine is still super cold right now.

But their site says this about Salt Nic processing,

Sorry can’t be more of a help.


Interesting. So either the guy locally sold me pure PG instead of nic salts (100% clear, 100% no odour) or there are various kinds of salts. Go figure it out …


Yes interesting… Mine is VG… very faint hint of a tan color, I have to look very hard to see the color against a white background.

Edit:. Same with Salt Nic I got from Nic Rivers, just a tinge of coloration. The NR was 48mg/ml The Delosi I got was 100mg/ml


Oops. Sorry.:crazy_face:
@adary…see my reply to Freddie! LOL


Mine is 100mg pg smooth salts from Nicotine River and its clear with no noticeable odor. Do not order from anyone else in a long time. Sounds like a bad to me


Definitely sounds like a bad one. The smell is similar to the old freebase nic I had that went bad. I opened a support ticket with LNW but I honeslty don’t expect much …


I’ve read here that some people have said their salts were quite foul smelling but that abated when mixed. I’ve only had one shipment myself. It came clear and had no odor at all. It’s only slightly tanned (been months now) but still has no odor. I’ve also read that long shipment times have a negative effect too. Mine came from just a few hundred miles away and spent 2 days in transit. Oh, but not LNW…


I have gotten salts from Nic River…its been clear an no smell at all…plus they dont use Benzoic Acid as most do use it…from what i was told an read…Nic River makes the salts in house…its not already mixed when they get it…I been happy so far with the pure nic salts at NR…smooth as a new born babies ass…


I use LNW salts and very happy with them. One liter was darker than usual and had a faint fresh tobacco odor but was tasteless when mixed and no odor came through in the mix either. Salts will vary in color from clear to pale yellow, nature of the beast. I use 8-10mg for myself, 12 for my cousin, and 18mg for my uncle for reference.


I think you are right the more I look… Benzoic Acid Free, Distilled from Tobacco Plants vs Nicotine Sulfate, or Synthetics.

I don’t mind now paying the premium price for my last batch now. Hope you find what you got is GOOD!


Thanks for the info!


I hope so as well. For now I stuck it in the freezer until I finish the 20ml I have left from the last batch


If they are using natural tobacco extracts like they say, which seem to be the preferred for higher quality. I would imagine some coloration. You will have to show us in a pic soon as you can. :slight_smile:

I can only visit their home page I get a block from my Virus APP when I nav into their site.


I use LNW salts in vg and it is a slightly yellow tinge (quite common for salts to have a little colour).


What about the smell? Does it have any?


Very slight wiff almost musty but super faint.


I concur with the rest of the NR users. Just got a batch in and its clear and odorless.


Not Nic salts, but I ordered 100mg 50/50 PG/VG from LNW. Got a liter.
It has just a very slight slight tan tint & zero odor. No discernable taste in mixes.


So I came across a bottle of the darker salts that had a few mls left in it that I had forgotten to put back in the fridge. It has been out for at least 3 months or more and had turned a pretty dark almost orange color. Mixed up a snv I use often and literally no smell or taste difference. Just out of curiosity I only vaped that juice at work and felt no nic depravation at 8mg, about 9.5 hours.